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VersaPay is proud be working closely with our partner Kubera Payments Corporation. As a preferred partner, Kubera is prepared to help merchants of all shapes and sizes reduce their payment processing costs. Considered experts on VersaPay’s technology, Kubera is certified to offer all VersaPay solutions to merchants.  

Kubera Payments Corporation and VersaPay have been partnered since 2008 and work together on marquis merchants across North America. When your business requires industry leading product offerings and technical support, contact Kubera to customize your solution.  

With Kubera you will:

1) Receive comprehensive service and support when selecting VersaPay solutions

2) Work with a well trained and dedicated Relationship Manager

3) Work with an organization who is partnered with industry leading e-commerce solutions providers

Click here to contact an expert at Kubera Payments Corporation
Please also feel free to contact Kubera by calling VersaPay and asking for us by name.

Or at the following:

Telephone: 604.484.9278
Toll Free: 1.855.458.2372… Read more

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BusinessCast, podcast #193, brings VersaPay Corporation‘s CEO to the studio with hosts Robert Gold and Andrew Brown. Bill McGill speaks about how the company started out processing credit cards and how it has expanded into an innovative online electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) system.

VersaPay’s electronic payment system was originally created for one company but has branched out into a solution available to any person or business with a Canadian bank account. McGill speaks about the sustainability and efficiency aspects of electronic payments and how even small or medium businesses can benefit by switching to VersaPay. He also shares some advice and tells what the company has learned along the way and its plan to grow and adapt into the future.

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ActiveRecord is great way to ensure your models are valid before saving them to the database. But as you add new validations or update existing ones, some of the existing records could become invalid. Do you have any invalid records in your production database?

It’s too late when you discover there are invalid records in your production environment.

  • Maybe a migration failed half way through when you deploy to production “It was working just fine on staging?!”
  • You get notified about a weird bug (and you can’t reproduce it on your dev machine)
  • Someone sends you an email saying that he can’t buy the dancing banana t-shirt on your webstore (and you’re lucky someone contacted you. How many people went to a concurrent webstore?)

Setup active_sanity, run it and fix your records.

  1. Add the following line to your Gemfile:
      gem "active_sanity"
  2. Run rake db:check_sanity on your production database. You should see something like:
    model       | id  | errors
    User        |   1 | { "email" =["is invalid"] }
    Flight      | 123 | { "arrival_time" =["can't be nil"], "departure_time" =["is invalid"] }
    Flight      | 323 | { "arrival_time" =["can't be nil"]
  3. Want to store those “invalid records” in the database to check them in your admin interface? Just run rails generate active_sanity to generate a migration and access the data through a model called InvalidRecord.

Run active_sanity against your production environment, say “OMG!” and go fix your records. Deployments will be less stressful and you’re gonna … Read more

When someone receives an email from VersaPay saying that they’ve been sent money, they need to be able to claim their payment no matter what email client they’re using, and whether or not images are enabled.

We’ve come up with some best practices to balance great looks with a high level of usability in our emails and we’d like to share them with you.

First off, here is what one of our emails looks like with and without images enabled:

You’ll notice in both emails (with or without images) the messaging is clear:

  1. Someone has sent you money
  2. The reason they sent you money
  3. Here’s how you get your money

Tip 1: Don’t rely on images, always have a backup plan

Since many (most?) email clients remove images by default, it’s smart to never rely exclusively on images for anything mission-critical (call to action buttons, headings, backgrounds, etc).

You’ll notice that in our emails, the yellow call-to-action button and its text are visible and totally obvious whether or not images are enabled. In the worst case scenario, the user won’t see the nice gradient background but still knows exactly where to click to claim their payment.

This works because we use an image only for the background of the button, but not the button text itself. We also apply the image background with a BACKGROUND attribute and fall back on a plain yellow background color with the BGCOLOR attribute that the user will see if images aren’t enabled.


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VersaPay lets you create Pre-Authorized Debit Agreements (PAD) with your transaction partners to pay monthly bills such as, phone bills, rent, or other recurring payments.
Whether you are using VersaPay for your personal life or for your business, using VersaPay’s new Recurring Payments feature has major advantages over the traditional method of filing though a bank.

Why your Business will love VersaPay’s Recurring Payments:

Focus on running your business – we will focus on your payment security
VersaPay will handle everything from enrollment, PAD management and identity validation, so you don’t need to worry about security of your customers’ sensitive banking information.

Rest easy knowing that your bills will be paid on time
VersaPays’ Recurring payments let you better forecast your cash-flow by ensuring you are paid the correct amount, on time, every-time.

Manage incoming payments from one simple dashboard
Manage and view all of your incoming payments online in 1 place.

PAD Agreements

Build an integrated, paperless billing system with our Recurring Payments API
Our API makes it easy for you to integrate VersaPay with your accounting software to create an enterprise-grade recurring billing system.

Why your transaction partners will love VersaPay’s Recurring Payments:

It’s hassle free and easy to get started
Setting up recurring payments makes your life easier, plus they can be set up online overnight, without ever leaving your house.

Helps you save time
Removes all the hassles of regular bill payments, you don’t need to remember to post a cheque each month.

Its a convenient way Read more