VersaPay and Kubera Payments Corporation Partnership

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VersaPay is proud be working closely with our partner Kubera Payments Corporation. As a preferred partner, Kubera is prepared to help merchants of all shapes and sizes reduce their payment processing costs. Considered experts on VersaPay’s technology, Kubera is certified to offer all VersaPay solutions to merchants.  

Kubera Payments Corporation and VersaPay have been partnered since 2008 and work together on marquis merchants across North America. When your business requires industry leading product offerings and technical support, contact Kubera to customize your solution.  

With Kubera you will:

1) Receive comprehensive service and support when selecting VersaPay solutions

2) Work with a well trained and dedicated Relationship Manager

3) Work with an organization who is partnered with industry leading e-commerce solutions providers

Click here to contact an expert at Kubera Payments Corporation
Please also feel free to contact Kubera by calling VersaPay and asking for us by name.

Or at the following:

Telephone: 604.484.9278
Toll Free: 1.855.458.2372

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