VersaPay is an Easy Way Split a Bill Between Friends!

Just one way using VersaPay can make your life easier.

At VersaPay we enjoy taking the time to each lunch together. One of our favorite places to pick up food is Savary Island Pie company in West Vancouver. Given that its over the Lions Gate bridge, it doesn’t always make sense to have the team along for the ride (we are too busy rolling out new features). Instead, we usually send one team member to make the pick up and pay the bill.

Savary Island Batch File

Whoever goes isn’t worried about fronting the bill because thanks to VersaPay, they know they can easily set up a batch file to do multiple payment requests to get reimbursed.

We simply update our Batch file spreadsheet and save it as a .csv file, upload and process it. Everyone on the team receives an email notifying them of the payment request.

The team can easily accept (or reject) the request either from their computer or smartphone.

Using VersaPay to get reimbursed (or paying someone back for that bet you lost) is way more convenient and faster then waiting for someone to “remember” to bring cash.

Watch the 30 second video to see how easy it is.

It’s good for your co-workers and it’s good for your stomach!

Sign up and take advantage of VersaPay’s Batch send/request feature today!

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