Apply cash with ease from any payment method

To apply cash faster and reduce your organization’s days sales outstanding (DSO), you need to streamline your payment process. The best way to achieve this is through a convenient online portal that automatically allocates your invoice and payment data, allows you to quickly accept a variety of payment types, handles multiple currencies, and synchronizes the data with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Consolidate all incoming payments

Our online accounts receivable platform automatically consolidates all electronic payments and remittance details in one central location, where they are matched to corresponding invoices and synchronized with your ERP system instantaneously. Through partner solutions, we will incorporate your incoming paper checks into this process so you have one comprehensive process. This eliminates the costly and error-prone approach of manual matching and re-keying of information by your team.

Capture remittance details from any payment source

Through partnerships, our accounts receivable platform can capture remittance data automatically from a variety of sources, including lockbox, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), cash, and online payments, as well as any format – paper, email, PDF, or electronic image. This lets your team bypass the long and expensive process of re-keying the data into your ERP system manually and enables accurate cash application.

Integration with Leading ERPs

“In forming NEWSCYCLE Solutions from the predecessor companies we made a commitment to continuously work to change the game, and be the leader for the global news media industry. To help achieve that status we have selected VersaPay as our invoicing and AR automation provider. With this new solution we can effectively manage all aspects of invoicing, accounts receivable and payments in a PCI compliant environment, provide automatic notifications and reminders, and we save a great deal of time by automating many of the routine tasks. The enhancements enable us to focus more time on our customers.”

NEWSCYCLE Solutions Lynn Danko, Chief Financial Officer

Achieve a high payment to invoice match rate without manual intervention

Our accounts receivable solution is able to process large volumes of invoices on a daily basis with accuracy and speed. By synchronizing invoice and payment data with your ERP system automatically, the platform eliminates the need for manual efforts and accelerates the invoice-to-payment cycle by a significant percentage.

Automate exception matching

With our online solution, resolving matching exceptions is no longer a time-consuming hassle. By automatically matching and cleansing data from remittance advice and payment information, our platform reduces the number of errors that lead to match exceptions. When a manual input is required, the platform speeds up the process by sending out automated alerts and resynchronizing the data as soon as fixes are made.

The right platform for your needs

Let your accounts receivable staff focus on truly important things while ARC automatically looks after the basics.

PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance

VersaPay is a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, which means that we’ve passed the most rigorous on-site security audits, full penetration, and vulnerability testing. As a result, we provide the highest level of security for your customers’ data, payment, and card acceptance requirements.

Man working at computer.

System Integration

Our cloud-based intelligent accounts receivable solution seamlessly integrates with your enterprise resource planning (ERP), and accounting systems. With VersaPay’s team of integration experts, we take on the heavy lifting  with minimal involvement of your IT resources for integration, so they can continue to focus on your daily priorities.

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Customer Adoption

So, you are thinking about launching a self-service invoicing and payment platform, but the big question is, will my customers use it? VersaPay has that covered with our e-adoption program and express user adoption. Our client success managers will help you move customers from the paper-based, email process they know, to an online invoicing system they will love. VersaPay has a successful program to make your customers happy and move them online to your self-service portal.