Millennials Now Dominate The Workforce

Millennials now represent the largest single group in the US workforce, topping 56 million employees in 2017. This has many implications on the businesses they work for. Millennials have grown up immersed in technology, and they not only welcome the opportunity to work with tech-based productivity tools, they expect it.

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Millennials Demand To Contribute At A Higher Level

Rather than feeling like a cog in the wheel, millennials seek roles that offer the opportunity to contribute at a higher level and proactively drive value. They want to make a difference.

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It’s Time to Empower Your Employees

Too much of the work in the AR department is routine and administrative. Now’s the time to change this, automating the routine work of AR and empowering your people to focus where they can truly add value: helping solve customer issues that hold up payment. This is what we call Customer-Centric AR.

How will you entice new talent to join your team when the members of your staff who are later in their careers retire? At the same time, how will you remain competitive if you don’t improve the labor intensive roles that no longer need to exist?

Want More Reasons? Read About How:
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AR is Changing

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Digital Payments are Replacing Checks

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Our Experience as Consumers is Driving Our Expectations at Work

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