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13 01, 2020

4 Common Accounts Receivable Mistakes to Avoid

2020-01-02T14:33:59-04:00January 13th, 2020|Blog|

Managing accounts receivable (AR) could be a daunting task, especially when one mistake you make can potentially jeopardize the entire relationship you’ve built with your customers. If you have managed your company’s AR for a long time, you may have learned all the lessons already. But if you’re new in the role, it’s always better to prepare yourself ahead for problems you may run into instead of doing everything the trial-and-error way. On that note, here are the four most common accounts receivable mistakes you want to avoid. Mistake #1: Security – PCI Non-Compliance If your company accepts credit cards as one of the payment methods, you’ll need to pay close attention to whether your business and the tools you’re using are PCI-compliant. Being PCI-compliant means that you follow the set standards and guidelines that help manage and secure credit cardholders’ data. Being non-compliant means you’re putting yourself and your Read More

26 11, 2019

7 Accounts Receivable Best Practices Transforming the AR Process

2019-11-25T15:50:27-04:00November 26th, 2019|Blog|

If you’re finding it too time-consuming to manually mail out invoices and match payments to invoices, or if you’re finding your DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) keeps increasing while the time and resources required for your accounts receivable (AR) process are constrained, you need to make a change. We’ve put together these seven accounts receivable best practices that can help you collect payments faster while saving time and resources and improving the customer experience. 1. Automate your AR process If you find your AR team spend too much time sending and tracking invoices, dealing with customers’ inquiries, or chasing customers to collect payments, you need to automate. A good AR automation solution can drive efficiencies in your AR process, reduce human error, and also reduce your DSO. Through effective invoice presentment and management, integration with your ERP system, and by providing an easy-to-navigate payment portal dedicated to your customers, the right Read More