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2801, 2016

Software: Build or Buy?

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When software development companies evaluate software for their business, one question creeps to mind  – should we build or buy? When your business builds software for a living, you have resources at your disposal – talented team of software engineers who are wizards at code, money for research and development, and unlimited office coffee to keep the team running. But economically does it make sense to build software? Read More

1301, 2016

What is the secret to an effective accounts receivable department?

By | January 13th, 2016|Categories: Blog, Collect Smarter, Gain Insight Into AR|0 Comments

Working on our upcoming webinar with Lina Chindamo (Senior Risk Manager from Dun & Bradstreet), I had the pleasure of diving into her fountain of knowledge and expertise in accounts receivable (AR). With her track record working in senior credit positions at top companies including Mondelez, Maple Leaf Foods, Kraft, and Sony, Lina has established key best practices to manage the AR function along the way. Read More

312, 2015

Millennials are here to stay: Is your Accounts Receivable process ready?

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A couple weeks ago, we attended the Receivable Management Association’s annual conference in Toronto. The keynote speaker, Lisa Nelson, President of Equifax Canada challenged the audience to think about big ideas, and how they can innovate to differentiate. She spoke passionately about the coming cohort, the Millennials, a group that now out populates the baby boomers in the US. Read More

1711, 2015

Money2020: FinTech is helping you change the game

By | November 17th, 2015|Categories: Blog, Collect Smarter, Make Customers Happy|0 Comments

A couple of weeks ago, Money20/20 took Las Vegas by storm. This conference juggernaut has soared in its impact in just a few years of existence, becoming the largest global event focused on payments and financial services innovation for connected commerce. It is a conference that should interest anyone reading this blog, and you will quickly see why… Read More

411, 2015

Believe In What’s Possible And Put a Plan In Motion To Change And Improve

By | November 4th, 2015|Categories: Blog, Collect Smarter, Save Time and Money|Tags: , |0 Comments

I recently attended the CPA ‘The One’ conference at which Curtis Zimmerman, a best selling author and motivational speaker, was a keynote. ( Zimmerman helps plant the transformational seed for organizations by illustrating how people need to constantly learn and organizations must always be evolving if they want to beat the competition. He does this in the most unconventional but engaging way…juggling. Read More

510, 2015

Happier customers are Stickier – Having fun at CPA “The One”

By | October 5th, 2015|Categories: Blog, Collect Smarter, Get Paid Faster, Make Customers Happy, Save Time and Money|Tags: , |0 Comments

Last week we headed over to the CPA National Conference, “The One”. This was the first conference of its kind after the merger of the CA, CMA, and CGA bodies. It was anticipated to be a big show with a lot of great content and interest… and was it ever! Read More

2209, 2015

The Long Tail of Invoicing

By | September 22nd, 2015|Categories: Blog, Collect Smarter, Get Paid Faster, Make Customers Happy|0 Comments

Following a recent trade show, I used our courier company, one of the big ones, to ship our trade show booth back to the office. I paid for the service up front by credit card and it totaled a few hundred dollars. But an additional cost of $22 was incurred during transit, and weeks later the company mailed me a $22 invoice to cover this. When the invoice appeared on my desk I assumed it was in error. Read More

2108, 2015

The Demand for Customer Self-Service in B2B

By | August 21st, 2015|Categories: Blog, Get Paid Faster, Make Customers Happy|0 Comments

Better customer service starts with better communication and collaboration. And in today’s competitive climate, businesses must offer their customers the most effective channels of communication possible. In a world of interactive voice response systems, self-checkout at grocery stores, and online superstores such as Amazon, an increasing number of customers say they prefer self-service over speaking with a representative. Read More

2107, 2015

Your AR should give you a competitive advantage.

By | July 21st, 2015|Categories: Blog, Collect Smarter, Make Customers Happy, Save Time and Money|0 Comments

You are a successful B2B company. Your customers love your products, and their high degree of satisfaction is the reason your business is growing.  But does your invoicing system contribute to that level of satisfaction? Are your customers as happy with your invoicing and accounts receivable process as they with your products? Read More

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