Leadership Team

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Craig O'Neill

Chief Executive Officer

Craig has been CEO and a Director on VersaPay's board since 2013. Prior to joining VersaPay, Craig was the co-founder and CEO of Xeye.

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Geoff Coutts

VP, Sales

Geoff joined VersaPay in 2015. Previously, he was VP Sales (Enterprise Business) at Samsung Electronics.

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Geoff Kent

VP, Client Services

Geoff joined VersaPay in 2019. Previously, he was Vice President OEM Integrations at Dealer-FX.

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Andrea Peattie

VP, People Operations

Andrea joined re-VersaPay in 2019. She had previously been with the company for 5 years, leading the Client Services team.

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Philip Pettinato

Chief Technology Officer

Phil joined VersaPay in 2020. Previously, he held the position of Chief Executive Officer of ION Treasury.

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Jason Read

Chief Product Officer

Jason joined VersaPay in 2017. He previously worked a the Descartes Systems Group for over 10 years, holding a variety of positions.

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Harry Rose

SVP, Strategic Partnerships

Harry joined VersaPay in 2019. Previously, he was SVP of Sales at Venminder.

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Shouvik Roy

Chief Financial Officer

Shouvik joined VersaPay in 2018. Previously, he was the Director of Finance at Freshbooks.

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Kevin Short

Co-Founder, Chief Security Officer

Kevin co-founded VersaPay, and has been involved in designing and securing IT infrastructure for Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years.

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Bob Stark

Chief Marketing Officer

Bob joined VersaPay in 2020. Previously, he was VP Strategy at Kyriba, where he was responsible for global product and market strategy.

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