6 Ways to Transform your Accounts Receivable2019-11-11T12:06:45-05:00

6 Ways to Transform your Accounts Receivable

Traditional invoicing and accounts receivable methods are inefficient with manual tasks, delays in invoicing and posting payments, plus time-intensive collections efforts with little insight. That’s why VersaPay focuses exclusively on the invoice-to-cash process and offers its cloud-based, intelligent AR solution, VersaPay ARC.

This eBook will detail 6 reasons why VersaPay ARC is the right accounts receivable automation solution for your business:

  1. Get paid faster – reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by 60%
  2. Save time and money – reduce accounts receivable costs by 40-60%
  3. Collect smarter – take a proactive approach to collections with real-time insight
  4. Apply cash easily – consolidate payments from multiple sources, automatically
  5. Gain insight into AR – leverage real-time data to turn insights into action
  6. Make customers happy – provide an experience your customers will love with a self-service portal
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