Webinar: 5 Proven Strategies for Driving User Adoption

  • Adopting an electronic invoice and payment platform

“I don’t want to create a password”, “I prefer getting invoices in the mail”…when it comes to customer reactions to change, we’ve heard it all! 

Customer adoption is a challenge all companies face today…this online workshop will help.
VersaPay recognizes that one size doesn’t fit all and that every customer is different, which is why we’ve developed 5 key strategies to help customers convert online from traditional invoicing by paper and mail. So whether you’re thinking about a customer self-service portal, or wanting to find ways to better communicate with customers, this workshop will give you tips and tricks to help transition to an online environment.

Join Ashley as she discusses her experiences with customer e-adoption, and shares tips to drive successful adoption rates for your company. 

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Ashley will cover some key adoption strategies that you can put into action:
    • Learn about customer behaviors: Find out what makes customers tick and how best to motivate them to move online.
    • Empower your staff to drive user adoption: Help your staff encourage traditional customers to move online with key strategies that will make e-invoicing and e-payments an easy habit.
    • Improve customer satisfaction: Make customers happy with a powerful e-adoption strategy, that outlines how easy it is for customers to go online and conduct business with you.
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