3 March

B2B Credit Card Acceptance in a Digital World

In the digital world, B2B transactions are constantly changing. The manner in which transactions are initiated and conducted have to improve as the pace of business moves faster every day.

During this webinar, Visa will share insights on how you can leverage card acceptance to provide customers with payment flexibility and security, to pay you faster.

While there are many reasons businesses should be accepting card payments, acceptance has caused concern for businesses for a long time, stemming primarily from the perceived cost on the part of the accepting company. For those that do accept credit cards, storing card information in a PCI compliant environment should be a priority considering customers’ increasing concern for security.

At the same time, more buyers are looking for easier and more efficient payment options, including credit cards. How do you address this tension and offer your customers maximum flexibility, while simultaneously managing costs and meeting the needs of your business?

Watch this webinar hosted by VersaPay and co-presented with Visa, for insights on how you can leverage card acceptance to provide your customers with maximum flexibility and security to pay you quickly and keep your business running smoothly.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • What the commercial segment looks like today
  • Challenges in credit card acceptance
  • 5 reasons why credit card acceptance makes sense
  • The value for your business

Webinar - Visa - B2B Credit Card Acceptance in a Digital World

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