Webinar: 3 Ways to Unlock the Power of IT

Thinking about AR automation, but no cycles for another IT project? See how VersaPay partners with its clients to unlock the power of IT. 

At VersaPay, we understand the initial reservations IT may have, especially with competing priorities and projects on the go (we go through this too in our own software explorations!). In understanding this, we make sure to partner with IT to ensure they are involved every step of the way – through initial discussions, implementation and all the way to go live with minimal effort on your team. VersaPay is dedicated to doing all the heavy lifting to make sure that an invoice-to-cash platform is not another project that eats up IT resources but instead is a value-add for your team.

Join Karan Khani (Pre-Sales Engineering at VersaPay) on this webinar as he walks you through a typical implementation at VersaPay, sharing our secrets to a successful launch with minimal effort on your internal resources. You’ll see how our proven integration model will help your company quickly realize the benefits of AR automation and a return on investment.

During this webinar, you learn how VersaPay can help unlock the power of your IT including:

  • How VersaPay ARC helps you go beyond your existing ERP to improve your invoice-to-cash
  • How VersaPay integrates seamlessly to your existing technology infrastructure including SaaS applications
  • What a typical IT timeline looks like and involves with VersaPay (hint – minimal effort from your IT team!)


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