Webinar: How to Collect Smarter with VersaPay ARC

Need to accelerate collections? See how AR automation with VersaPay ARC can get you paid faster.

Let’s face it – we hear time and again how credit and collection departments struggle to manage from crisis to crisis; with overdue accounts, low headcount, and an avalanche of work that can become overwhelming.

So how can you stop the avalanche of work from piling over? Listen in to our webinar, and join Mislav Majic, VP of Sales Engineering at VersaPay, as he discusses how credit departments can accelerate collections through with strategic automated tools in VersaPay ARC. See how our platform helps streamline internal processes to put an end to the outdated, reactive approach to your collections.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to optimize your collection process
  • How to automate notifications and convenient payment reminders to customers
  • How to create transparency through internal notes and tagging accounts
  • Get paid faster by accepting a variety of secure payment methods
  • Access company-wide metrics to gain instant visibility into your DSO and aged receivables

Webinar - How to Collect Smarter with VersaPay

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