Webinar: Creating a Convincing Case for AR Automation

Rising accounts receivables, DSO and customer calls? The case to automate is now. 

In light of rising competition and interest rates, improving accounts receivable and working capital positions is more important than ever. But, manual processes continue to hinder organizations from realizing optimal financial performance and efficiency. You need to reinvent your financial processes to free up your cash flow, get paid faster and offer a superior customer experience over your competitors. The case for accounts receivable automation is now.

During this webinar, Karan Khiani, Pre-Sales Engineer at VersaPay, will arm with you 3 convincing reasons why your C-Level needs to start thinking about AR automation. 

You will learn how to:

    • Increase visibility into invoice-to-cash activities
    • Reallocate time from manually intensive activities to value-generating activities including customer service and working capital optimization
    • Get paid faster, reduce outstanding receivables and DSO through secure online payments.


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