Webinar: How to Improve AR Efficiency with VersaPay ARC

  • Real TIme Financial Data With VersaPay ARC

Do you need to get paid faster? Your accounts receivable process could be a bottleneck. 

During this webinar, you will tour VersaPay ARC and see how accounts receivable automation can get you paid faster, save time and money, apply cash easily, collect smarter, and most importantly, make customers happy.

Mislav Majic, VersaPay’s VP of Sales Engineering, will show you how VersaPay ARC, accounts receivable platform, can improve your invoice-to-cash cycle to remove cash flow bottlenecks, reduce days sales outstanding (DSO), and gain better visibility into your accounts receivable.

During this webinar, you will learn: 

  • AR challenges faced today
  • how technology can help you improve efficiency
  • benefits of accounts receivable automation for both suppliers and their customers
  • how VersaPay ARC helps you get paid faster, improve efficiency and make customers happy

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