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Receivables do not come in quickly enough. Manufacturers struggle to get customers to pay on time, or at all which leaves them squeezed financially as they try to sustain meeting the growing demand of customers.

This problem is exaggerated when your accounts receivable process is faulty. Your process is only as accurate as the person maintaining it which can lead to errors in payment tracking, reconciliation issues, and stifled cash flow.

Building a stronger cash flow starts with satisfying customers. It is proven that when customers are happy they feel more obliged to pay. That is why it’s important when problems arise with your customers including delivery and production of goods, that you take ratifying actions to resolve issues to ensure full payment.

Make customers happy and get paid faster by automating your accounts receivable

With VersaPay ARC, accounts receivable automation platform, manufacturing companies can improve their cash flow and get paid faster by moving their AR process online:


Online Invoice Presentment

Present invoices and supporting documents online with a self-service portal to speed billing and send automatic payment reminders.

Online Collaboration

Improve relationships with the ability for customers to open disputes online and resolve them quickly with real-time notifications for your team.

Online Payments

Get paid faster with the ability to accept payments online (ACH/EFT, Credit Card). Automatically reconcile payments to invoices with seamless cash application.

Insight into AR

Gain insights into accounts with an online dashboard for key metrics: outstanding balances, aged receivables, payments trends, etc.

Proven Customer Success

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“We selected VersaPay to help us reinvent the way we manage our invoicing and accounts receivable processes. VersaPay’s solution eliminates many of the challenges we faced, from the preparation of invoices through to the manual matching of payments to invoices. We continually seek for ways to further enhance our customer experience, while driving improvements in their business operations. We expect to see a marked improvement in our financial operations while making it easier for our customers to conduct business with us as a result of working with VersaPay.”

SIHL Stephanie Provost, Chief Financial Officer

VersaPay makes the transition to the cloud easy and worry-free for manufacturing companies

PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance

VersaPay is a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, which means that we’ve passed the most rigorous on-site security audits, full penetration, and vulnerability testing. As a result, we provide the highest level of security for your customers’ data, payment, and card acceptance requirements.


Integration with Leading ERPs

VersaPay ARC integrates with leading industry ERPs in manufacturing.

Customer Adoption

Customer Adoption

So, you are thinking about launching a self-service invoicing and payment platform, but the big question is, will my customers use it? VersaPay has that covered with our e-adoption program and express user adoption. Our client success managers will help you move customers from the paper-based, email process they know, to an online invoicing system they will love. VersaPay has a successful program to make your customers happy and move them online to your self-service portal.

See How VersaPay Can Work For You

Do you like the sound of getting get paid faster and improving customer satisfaction? If so, you’re ready for accounts receivable automation.

Connect with us to enable a secure, self-service platform for your staff and customers to future-proof your business for the online world, before your competition does:

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