• Real Time Reporting: Obtain a pulse check on your receivables in real-time that includes aged trial balances, DSO, and top overdue accounts either corporate-wide or on a divisional basis.
  • Actionable Metrics: Drill deeper in to key metrics so as to identify areas for attention and resolution including platform adoption rates and customer exceptions related to invoices and payments.
  • Trends and Forecasting: Plan ahead by using historical trends and intelligent forecasting so as to increase the efficiency and throughput of your billing, collections and cash application teams.

Industry Leading Adoption

Electronic invoice presentment is more than just sending an invoice out by e-mail. With ARC, every invoice is tracked through its journey with automated notifications based on whether the invoice has been viewed by the customer. Key to electronic presentment is adoption. ARC has a proven record of industry leading adoption through a platform that has been built with the customer in mind. With each implementation being different, our dedicated team of customer adoption consultants will ensure that you have the right tools and resources in your migration from paper to electronic invoicing.

“An overwhelming number of customers said it was an easy, intuitive, and quick process. We anticipated that we’d hear from our customers that needed help adding a card or accessing the system. We were pleasantly surprised when, within minutes of sending the first set of 900 or so invitations, customers were already signing up and our first payment came that very day.”

Jackie Dekar
Business Systems Manager

The Platform That Pays For Itself

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