A trusted cloud-based platform for all recurring billing needs.

Trusted by thousands of businesses, VersaPay ARC Lite™, helps companies save time and money by automating and managing recurring billing. ARC Lite™ is the perfect tool to help automate your billing from either EFT / ACH or credit card transactions. With easy to use scheduling options, your business can say goodbye to clumsy and timely batch file processes.

As the leading automated billing system on the market, ARC Lite™ is a trusted platform to create invoices, schedule and accept payments online (ACH, EFT and credit card) and access enhanced notifications and customer analytics.

Manage recurring billing with a cost effective, cloud platform like no other

ARC Lite™ is not only a cost effective platform for your business but one of the most advanced and intuitive billing platforms on the market today. VersaPay’s commitment to innovation and financial technology has allowed us to build a platform with features that are not yet available by any competitive offerings. With the ability to schedule flexible payments that cater to your customer needs, ARC Lite™ is the only cloud-based platform to process both EFT and credit card transactions. With ARC Lite™, your business will benefit from features on a platform like no other:

Cost effective: With no monthly or setup fees and a low fee per EFT transaction, ARC Lite™ is a cost-effective solution for recurring billing. Custom merchant service plans are available for those looking to accept credit cards.

Express deposits: Next day credit card transaction deposits and 3 business day deposits for bank-to-bank payments.

Multiple users: With multi-user platform support, you can create staff profiles that are view only or set notifications for key users when specific events happen (notifications on payment, failed payments, etc.)

Self-service platform: As a cloud-based platform, ARC Lite™ provides self-service for both your team and your customers. Your team can directly input billing details or send a request from the platform to invite your clients to sign up and input their own payment information. Clients can also access notifications for recurring bills and when payments have been completed.

PCI Level 1 Compliant: VersaPay is highly concerned with protecting your clients’ sensitive data and has met rigorous industry security standards as a PCI Level 1 compliant platform.

VersaPay ARC Lite™ is ready to schedule payments when you are

When you are ready to start automating your recurring billing, ARC Lite™ will be ready to take charge with easy setup to schedule invoices, enable payment notifications, and access online billing and payments (ACH, EFT, and credit card).

Getting Started With ARC Lite™

Get started quickly

Getting started with ARC Lite™ is easy. Setup only takes a day with intuitive set up and no installation. Our expert support team will be on hand to train your team to get you up and running quickly.

Create & Schedule Invoices With ARC Lite™

Create and schedule invoices

Create invoices easily with the ARC Lite™ intuitive interface. Once invoices are created or loaded into the platform, you can design your billing plan: when to start and stop billing, what cycle to bill and what amount.

Strengthen Customer Relationships With ARC Lite™

Strengthen relationships

Improve communication between your team and customers with a series of automated notifications within ARC Lite™. Gain access to a library of real-time notifications to keep on top of key events including payment completion, customer payment reminders and failed payments.

With ARC Lite™, VersaPay can provide your business with the most robust and intelligent recurring billing system currently offered in North America. With success in industries such as property management, member management, loans, not-for-profit, insurance, medical plans, and many others, VersaPay is confident that our cost effective platform can help fit your recurring billing needs.

Secure Online Payments

Autopay and accept online payments securely

Offer customers flexible online payment options including auto-pay and payments with ACH, EFT and credit card. ARC Lite™ is PCI Level 1 compliant and meets the industry’s most rigorous security standards, allowing you to accept online payments worry-free.

ARC Lite™ Insight Dashboard

Gain insight to grow your business effectively.

Tap into the full potential of your business with the ARC Lite™ insight dashboard. You’ll be armed with the right insight to action on customer accounts including customer payment behaviors, aging receivable schedule, and top overdue accounts.


Schedule and accept payments worry-free with a PCI Level 1 compliant recurring billing platform

At VersaPay, the security of your customer and payment data is our top priority, which is why we ensure we meet the most rigorous security standards including PCI Level 1 Compliance. VersaPay is audited annually by third parties and continually abides by comprehensive security assessments and certifications to ensure we meet the highest standards as a certified security partner.

To learn more about ARC Lite™ and get a competitive quote, please speak to one of our payment specialists today to see how we can help fit into your billing process.

The right platform for your needs

Let your accounts receivable staff focus on truly important things while ARC automatically looks after the basics.

PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance

VersaPay is a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, which means that we’ve passed the most rigorous on-site security audits, full penetration, and vulnerability testing. As a result, we provide the highest level of security for your customers’ data, payment, and card acceptance requirements.

Man working at computer.

System Integration

Our cloud-based intelligent accounts receivable solution seamlessly integrates with your enterprise resource planning (ERP), and accounting systems. With VersaPay’s team of integration experts, we take on the heavy lifting  with minimal involvement of your IT resources for integration, so they can continue to focus on your daily priorities.

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Customer Adoption

So, you are thinking about launching a self-service invoicing and payment platform, but the big question is, will my customers use it? VersaPay has that covered with our e-adoption program and express user adoption. Our client success managers will help you move customers from the paper-based, email process they know, to an online invoicing system they will love. VersaPay has a successful program to make your customers happy and move them online to your self-service portal.