VersaPay helps you transition your customers to an online environment with Express User Adoption. This is to assist with any customers who might be slower to transition to viewing invoices and corresponding information online.

Customers who are Express Users will be able to:

  • Access invoices instantly, anytime and anywhere: when new invoices are available, they will receive a notification with an embedded unique link that will automatically direct them to their invoice within VersaPay ARC.
  • Navigate seamlessly through the platform hassle-free: once in their account through the unique link, express users can view their full invoice history, mark invoices for payment, open inquiries, and disputes and subscribe to notifications including payment reminders.
  • Secure and easy payments: when express users are ready to pay, a simple prompt to add a password will appear, allowing them full and secure access to VersaPay ARC.

Drive your business forward with SPARC, our tailored customer adoption program

We understand customer adoption is essential to making VersaPay ARC a success for your business. Our eAdoption program, SPARC, will help drive your business forward with proven methods to help your customer’s transition from their traditional methods to the online world.

VersaPay recognizes that one size doesn’t fit all and every customer is different, which is why a dedicated SPARC Program Manager will consult and design a tailored program to help your customers convert from paper, mail, fax and checks, to your self-service portal.

Launch your successful eAdoption Program using our 4 key elements of SPARC

While designing eAdoption programs, we’ve identified four fundamental elements that drive end-users to embrace the online world. We’ve packaged this right into SPARC to make it easy, and ensure a successful launch.

Fuelling Adoption With The Right Data

Fuel adoption with the right data

Customers cannot adopt, if they are not receiving your invitations to your online invoicing and payment portal. Your SPARC Program Manager will review, verify and validate your customer master data, to certify your electronic invitations go into the right hands.

Igniting Adoption With A Successful Launch.

Ignite adoption with a successful launch

Your SPARC Program Manager will consult with you to understand your needs and goals. The result is a tailored launch plan outlining key touch points with your customers to transition them to your invoicing and payment portal. From personalized and targeted messages for printed invoice inserts, to persuasive marketing email templates and how-to-videos, your SPARC Program Manager will help you decide what approach is right for you.

Designing A Launch Plan That’s Right For You

Design a launch plan that’s right for you

With the right data in place and a solid launch plan in hand, you are ready to ignite customer adoption and introduce them to your self-service portal. Your SPARC Program Manager will execute, manage and monitor your program to make sure it is optimized for your customer’s transition and conversion.

Making Your Customer Adoption Soar

Make your adoption soar

Your SPARC Program Manager works on a continuous basis after launch to ensure your customers are happy and getting the most out of your online invoicing and payment platform. As your customers experience the convenience of your self-service portal and fall in love with its easy to use interface, you will continue to see your adoption soar.

Customers who adopt, are happier

“I am very happy with the platform our supplier offers to us. It’s fairly easy to use, it tells you what you need to pay, what’s due or overdue, and is a good way to pay faster.”

Harbor Sales Fayth Dixon, AP Manager
McClatchy Logo

“At McClatchy, we receive numerous invoices from NEWSCYCLE SOLUTIONS each week.  Since we started using the new VersaPay AR platform, we became more effective at viewing our invoices, managing workflows, and generating reports, including the information on current balances. It helps our team save valuable time, and we love it as a result.”

McClatchy Sabrina Topps, Customer Adoption