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VersaPay offers a unique payment solution that allows businesses to accept payments through a USB connected PIN Pad to your desktop or laptop computer. With our hosted retail checkout platform, we can enable your business to securely and safely connect to the Internet and take payments for all major credit cards and Interac through a convenient PIN Pad.

Easy to set up. Easy to use.

Our intuitive software is simple to use yet has rich features for all your needs. Accept pre- and post-payments, process recurring bills, set up customer profiles and more.

Multi-merchant functionality.

If you share a workspace, why not share a PIN Pad too? Reduce cost and clutter with the ability to switch from one merchant ID to another on the fly.

Your computer is a POS terminal.

Managing payments is simple. Use your computer as a point-of-sale terminal. All you need is an Internet connection, web browser, the Ingenico PIN Pad and a Chase Paymentech merchant services account.

With this platform you can avoid the need to connect through the hard wiring of your Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) as well as allow your business the flexibility and freedom to accept payment wherever you have access to the Internet. This is a perfect solution as well for medical and dental clinics, as VersaPay allows you to add multiple merchant accounts on one terminal.

With this feature, your receptionist can take payments for multiple businesses through a single source with just the click of a button.

Key benefits of a hosted checkout platform include:

  • Simply connect the PIN Pad to a computer via the USB – no more phone or Ethernet cables required
  • Enter payment details with an easy to use cloud-based interface
  • Reduce paper costs and email receipts to your clients
  • Add multiple merchant IDs
  • Take payments on the go using our cloud-based platform
  • Next day deposits and 24-hour tech support

To learn more about our hosted retail checkout and get a customized quote, contact us today.

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