How do I verify a bank account?

Step 1
Within 2-3 business days of adding the bank account, a micro credit/debit from VersaPay will appear on your bank statement.

Step 2
You will also receive an email reminder from VersaPay to verify your bank account. Clicking on the “Verify my Bank Account” button will redirect you to VersaPay where you can login to your account to continue.

Step 3
You can also verify the bank account by logging into VersaPay and going to the “Funding Source” section. Click the “>” symbol next to the bank account to view it and then click the “Verify” button.

Step 4
Enter the amount of the micro transaction that you observed in your bank account in the field provided and click the “Verify Bank Account” button.

Step 5
You will be redirected to the dashboard and a confirmation banner will display at the top of the page stating that the bank account has been verified.

Note: A bank account must be verified before funds can be sent to or deposited within it. You will have three attempts to enter the amount of the micro transaction. If you do not verify successfully within three attempt then the bank account will become invalid and you will need to add it again to restart the verification process.

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