Invoice the Way Your Customers Want

Deliver statements, invoices and supporting documents in a variety of online and offline formats, based on how your individual customers want to receive them.

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Multi-Format Delivery

Let customers choose the invoice format that will get you paid the fastest. With email, customer portal, AP portal, EDI, and paper-based options available - we give you the flexibility to optimize your invoice delivery mix to find the right balance of cost, efficiency and speed of payment.

Line-Item Details

Empowering your customers to pay quickly starts the moment their invoice arrives. Make it easy for them to know what they owe (and what it's for) at any given point of time by providing them the ability to navigate from high-level statements down to individual line item details quickly and easily.

Unite Invoices & Documents

The days of sending CD-ROMs, USB drives, and reams of paper alongside your invoices are over. From bills of lading to proof of delivery, invoices are now directly linked to the relevant documentation electronically, so your customers can access the invoice and supporting information together.

“VersaPay ARC makes us easier to do business with. It helps to speed everyday processes and it helps to eliminate risky and paper-based manual processes.”

Brad Hughart

VP of Information Technology, PREIT


Visibility & Tracking

Regardless of the delivery format you choose, we can provide complete visibility into where the invoice stands, so that you can make more informed decisions about when and how to interact with your customers. Rest easy knowing that your invoices are making it into the right hands, every time.

24/7 Portal Access

One of the biggest issues in AR is the lack of fresh data - whether printed or stored electronically, any data that is exported is at risk of being stale. Our online portal eliminates this issue by giving your customers and teams an instant view into the real-time status of their accounts.

Branded & Customized

From design and layout, through to the level of detail, invoices can be tailored to ensure that customers receive a seamless, branded experience throughout the entire AR process. We also support summary invoices, statements, and any format require to ensure your customers have the details they need.