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Versapay Named Most Promising Payment and Card Solution Provider of 2021

Published on 2 min read

Versapay’s automated accounts receivable and payments solution is included among the 20 most promising payment and card solution providers of 2021 as named by CIOReview, and is at the forefront of streamlining and optimizing B2B transactions.

Payment and card technology is fast evolving to facilitate seamless transactions. Not only for the banking sector, but also for retailers, merchants, and other businesses looking to harness the power of contactless cards and mobile payments to increase AR productivity, drive efficiency, and accelerate cash flow.

To assist businesses in leveraging card technology to further enhance the customer experience, CIOReview—a leading technology magazine for C-suite executives looking to share valuable insights and stay up-to-date on the ever-evolving business environment—has compiled a list of the most innovative and promising companies providing payment and card solutions.

Versapay is honored to be included among the 20 most promising payment and card solution providers making significant contributions to the growth and transformation of the payments sector.

Streamlining and optimizing B2B transactions with collaboration and next-gen payments

The revolution in digital technology and shift towards ecommerce and digital payment methods has dramatically changed how companies operate, and has exposed the limitations of paper-based workflows.

Today’s leading companies have revised how they approach accounts receivable, and want solutions that help digitize, automate, and optimize their order-to-cash cycle while driving major improvements in efficiency and cash flow.

But to reach what CIOReview describes as the helm of success, businesses need to do more than simply adopt digital payments. The best way to truly streamline accounts receivable operations, drive digital adoption, lower processing costs, speed up payment cycles, and protect sensitive customer data, is to follow a collaborative approach, where information can be shared between buyers and sellers over the cloud in a secure and shared portal.

Versapay’s accounts receivable platform enables AR departments and customers to collaborate over the cloud using a powerful, easy-to-use self-service portal. This ensures a superior customer experience, greater efficiency, and accelerated cash flow. We move beyond automating businesses’ back-office operations to help them focus on their customers at every touchpoint in real time. We streamline the entire engagement, grant customers seamless visibility into their accounts, empower them to pay digitally, and enable businesses to accept various payment methods.

“Our platform serves as an all-inclusive AR solution that covers the entire payment cycle—from invoicing to cash application,” says Craig O’Neill, CEO at Versapay.

‏‏‎You can read the full report from CIOReview here. You’ll learn more about Versapay’s automated accounts receivable and payment solution, the benefits of an end-to-end collaborative payment solution, the importance of increasing collaboration between buyers and suppliers, and why CIOReview has included us as one of their Most Promising Payment and Card Solution Providers of 2021.

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