LoadDelivered is a leading North American logistics company that specializes in the transportation of food and beverage. VersaPay has helped LoadDelivered gain increased visibility and insight into customer accounts and enhance the customer experience.

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Newscycle logo.

NEWSCYCLE develops and delivers software technology that empowers the global news media industry. VersaPay has helped NEWSCYCLE save time and money by improving their invoice-to-cash process to reduce DSO and deliver an enhanced customer experience.

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Metroland Media is one of Canada’s largest media, publishing and distribution companies and operates a large portfolio of media properties spanning from physical newspapers, magazines, and digital publications. VersaPay helped Metroland automate their AR processes and make it easier for customers to pay.

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VersaPay Customer Testimonial - Intuit

“One of our strategic initiatives was to create a better collaboration and payment experience for thousands of our small business and accountant customers. We wanted to provide an easy-to-use online environment that provides our customers with more payment options. We searched the market, including VersaPay, and evaluated many companies for the best solution. Although we had the ability to build something in-house, we selected VersaPay as they had already invested in a robust solution that met our requirements and they were extremely accommodating in providing additional functionality that we subsequently requested.”

Intuit Scott Beth, Vice President of Finance Operations
Torani Logo Color

“The VersaPay platform will provide our accounting team with a better view of our customer accounts and facilitate greater collaboration with our customers. Our team can receive payments on-line and automatic reconciliation will save us a great deal of time.”

Torani David Cannon, Controller
VersaPay Customer Testimonial - Livingston

“Our partnership with VersaPay is part of a broader, ongoing commitment to provide seamless and simplified solutions to our customers, VersaPay ARC will allow us to automate our accounts receivable processes through an accessible and user-friendly interface that further enhances our customer-service promise.”

Livingston International Dan McHugh, Chief Executive Officer
Erb Transport logo.

“The growth we have enjoyed as a company stems from our commitment to continually search for new and better ways of doing things, coupled with our relentless focus on providing a great customer experience. We are in a highly competitive market with thin margins so implementing process enhancements such as AR automation will reduce our processing time and costs. Additionally we expect to reduce our Days Sales Outstanding DSO as a result of automatically following up with customers and avoiding the need to resend invoices and proof-of-delivery documentation.”

ERB Transport Irene Holdbrook, VP of Finance

“We are constantly looking to enhance our operations in an effort to be more efficient and to improve our customers’ experience. Using the VersaPay platform enables our customers to retrieve their proofs of delivery, which allows us to be much more effective at scaling our operational capacity without adding headcount.”

Transport Logistics Keli Backes, Executive Vice President

“Since our inception in 2008, we have always used technology to give us a competitive advantage, and we see VersaPay’s ARC solution as fitting that description. As a rapidly growing business approaching $100 million in annual sales, we generate thousands of invoices each month and manually reconcile payments. VersaPay’s solution will allow us to automate manual AR tasks, including collecting and matching payments to invoices, thereby improving the efficiency of our AR function.”

LoadDelivered Robert Nathan, Chief Executive Officer
Logistical Labs logo.

“As a fellow technology company, we recognize the value in automating a key function like accounts receivable. We also like that VersaPay is a PCI (Payment Card Industry) Level 1 Service Provider, allowing us to securely accept credit card payments online from our customers.”

Logistical Labs Chris Ricciardi, Chief Product Officer
SIHL Logo Color

“We selected VersaPay to help us reinvent the way we manage our invoicing and accounts receivable processes. VersaPay’s solution eliminates many of the challenges we faced, from the preparation of invoices through to the manual matching of payments to invoices. We continually seek for ways to further enhance our customer experience, while driving improvements in their business operations. We expect to see a marked improvement in our financial operations while making it easier for our customers to conduct business with us as a result of working with VersaPay.”

SIHL Stephanie Provost, Chief Financial Officer
Integration with Leading ERPs

“In forming NEWSCYCLE Solutions from the predecessor companies we made a commitment to continuously work to change the game, and be the leader for the global news media industry. To help achieve that status we have selected VersaPay as our invoicing and AR automation provider. With this new solution we can effectively manage all aspects of invoicing, accounts receivable and payments in a PCI compliant environment, provide automatic notifications and reminders, and we save a great deal of time by automating many of the routine tasks. The enhancements enable us to focus more time on our customers.”

NEWSCYCLE Solutions Lynn Danko, Chief Financial Officer
Metroland Media Logo Color

“We opted for a staged approach of ARC so that we could solicit customer feedback throughout the implementation process. We were very pleased to hear that an overwhelming majority of our customers found the system intuitive and easy to use. In fact, within a few hours of sending out initial invitations for our customers to sign up for ARC, we were already receiving payments. As a direct result of customer feedback and a high adoption rate we have accelerated our roll-out plans as we issue more than one million invoices annually.”

Metroland Media Jackie Dekar, Business Systems Support Manager

“We are delighted to have found a Canadian company that understands our needs and created a solution that not only provides our Members with quality service but confidence in the security of their information.”

Teachers Life Doug Baker, President and CEO
Scroller VersaPay Customer - Terradatum

“Since 1989, Terradatum has been working with real estate companies across North America, assisting them to gain deeper insights into the markets they serve with our BrokerMetrics® suite and other analytic services we offer. That in turn has resulted in our own rapid growth, so we look to technology solutions to help us scale in an efficient and cost effective manner. With the VersaPay solution we can securely and confidently manage the large and growing demand from our customers seeking the convenience of more automated, secure on-line payment options in addition to credit cards.”

Terradatum Mark Spraetz, President and CEO
Terry Fox Foundation logo.

“Working with the team at VersaPay has been a great fit for The Terry Fox Foundation. We are pleased to have developed a long term relationship with VersaPay and continue to utilize their services for online donation processing. In addition to their online processing, VersaPay helped us deploy more payments devices for the 2014 run sites than in any previous runs to date.”

The Terry Fox Foundation Amy Brosinski, Financial Controller
Torani Logo Color

“We ship our products all over the globe and are growing rapidly so we have to be progressive in automating processes to keep up with demand. The VersaPay platform allows us to offer our customers self-service options to provide them with greater flexibility to review their account with us and make payments 24/7.”

Torani Sylvie Mwila-Jonath, Head of Information Technology
VersaPay Customer Testimonial - The Denver Post

“The Denver Post is among the top 10 largest newspapers by circulation in the U.S. We have achieved this status by continuously striving to advance our offerings for our customers as we have done with the VersaPay solution, by working with VersaPay we are able to provide our customers with greater flexibility, by offering a range of payment options including ACH and credit card acceptance in a highly secure environment.”

The Denver Post Justin Mock, CFO

“I am very happy with the platform our supplier offers to us. It’s fairly easy to use, it tells you what you need to pay, what’s due or overdue, and is a good way to pay faster.”

Harbor Sales Fayth Dixon, AP Manager

“Our company continues to execute our pure-play multi-tenant retail strategy, which has required us to take a critical look at our infrastructure and operating processes in order to scale and drive efficiencies, with VersaPay’s platform, our tenants will have self-service account access and our accounting team gains dashboard visibility on key financial metrics to proactively monitor and manage the financial operations. This also provides efficient processes and visibility for our property and asset management teams so they can focus on our tenants and properties, and continue to execute our strategy.”

InvenTrust Adam Jaworski, Chief Accounting Officer
Brixmor logo.

“We were looking for a platform that would enhance communications with our customers as well as provide more payment options for our tenants. Given the scale of our company, we also wanted to simplify how we receive and reconcile payments from our tenants, and found VersaPay’s ARC™ solution was a good fit for our needs.”

Brixmor Property Group Dennis Hanifan, VP of Application Systems

“Our accounting staff finds great value in VersaPay’s solution as it enables a more efficient invoicing and AR process; It also provides our customers with better information and an enhanced payment experience,”

McLeod Kasey Burleson, CFO
VersaPay Customer Testimonial - PREIT

“Following an extensive evaluation process, we selected VersaPay ARCTM as the platform to provide an easy-to-use portal that allows our tenants to view their invoices and make payments online. The VersaPay platform not only gives our tenants a portal that makes it easy and convenient to work with us, it provides our internal team with a powerful suite of tools to manage our accounts receivable and collections processes more effectively,”

PREIT Liz Romanowsky, Director of Treasury
VersaPay Customer Testimonial - SPS Commerce

“We are serving customers globally and rely on strategic partners like VersaPay to support our financial operations and provide excellent service for our customers. Now we have a streamlined approach that covers collections and much more, including our invoice-to-cash process.”

SPS Commerce Kim Nelson, Chief Financial Officer

“At Vantage Point Corporation we take pride in challenging the status quo and delivering a better technology experience for our customers, with VersaPay ARC we can expand our customer set without adding staff in our finance department and we’re also reclaiming hours with our existing staff. What’s even better is that our customers state that the platform makes it easy for them to do business with us.”

Vantage Point Corporation Greg VerPlank, Chief Financial Officer

“When considering new approaches for supporting our tenants, we rigorously reviewed multiple options to ensure we were getting the best for our business, having put VersaPay’s platform through the paces against other top players we are confident that we have selected a solution that will truly support our employees and will be welcomed by our tenants.”

InvenTrust Dipesh Shah, Chief Information Officer
Children's wish foundation logo.

“In order to achieve our foundation’s mission – Making heartfelt wishes come true, we rely on great partners like VersaPay to help us serve more children. By working with VersaPay, we are able to put an even greater percentage of our donation dollars to work, and at the same time we are receiving excellent reporting capabilities as well as support from VersaPay to enable us to monitor and manage our operations more effectively.”

The Children's Wish Foundation Vinh Nguyen, Chief Financial Officer
Hadrian Manufacturing logo.

“As with any manufacturing business we are in a competitive space. Moving to the VersaPay AR solution enables us to become even more competitive as it allows us to be more efficient in day-to-day operations. One of the other key outcomes we are excited about is that the VersaPay solution enables us to enhance our customer experience. We are constantly on the lookout for better ways to serve our customers and upon seeing this new approach to accounts receivable we immediately wanted to adopt it.”

Hadrian Manufacturing Rob Snyder, VP of Finance
McClatchy Logo

“At McClatchy, we receive numerous invoices from NEWSCYCLE SOLUTIONS each week.  Since we started using the new VersaPay AR platform, we became more effective at viewing our invoices, managing workflows, and generating reports, including the information on current balances. It helps our team save valuable time, and we love it as a result.”

McClatchy Sabrina Topps, Customer Adoption
VersaPay Customer Testimonial - The Denver Post

“Working with VersaPay ARC enables us to provide customers with invoices, statements and all of their account information in one place. That makes for a superior experience for our customers, this platform makes our daily financial operations much more efficient.”

The Denver Post Carly Kelso, Director of Advertising and Circulation Accounting