Building Better Customer Relationships


May 17th, 2023

Using the Gartner Peer Community platform, Versapay surveyed 400 finance and business leaders. This report explores:

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✓ What business relations with customers actually looks like

✓ Which departments need to boost their CX efforts, and

✓ Whether digitization is a feasible solution

Inside look at the Building Better Customer Relationships report

In this report you'll:

  • Learn which departments deliver the most positive (and negative) impact to customer experience
  • Discover which stages of the business cycle cause customers frustrations
  • Uncover which factors matter most in leader's software purchasing decisions
  • Learn which criteria is most important in determining how sucessful customer-facing software is
  • And more! 

Take a peek inside the report

Building Better Customer Relationships Stat1

Of finance and business leaders agree that finance teams need to contribute more to building better customer relationships

Building Better Customer Relationships Stat2

Of finance and business leaders report that their customers are satisfied with their current payment/collections experience

Building Better Customer Relationships Stat3

The impact it will have on customer relationships is the factor that matters most in finance and business leader's software purchasing decisions

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Traditionally customer-facing departments — like marketing and professional services — are tasked with delivering excellent customer experiences, but organizations’ expectations are changing. Teams that tend not to be seen as impacting CX — like Finance — are now tasked with building better customer relationships.

However, knowing that building better relationships is a company-wide initiative does little to solve business’ deeply rooted problems. Namely, numerous stages of the business cycle contain functions which substantially raise customers’ frustrations and dampen their overall experiences.

Many leaders believe that software is critical to improving customer relationships and are eager to find a solution. This belief is so pronounced that software’s impact on customer relationships has a greater influence on leaders’ buying decisions than direct ROI.

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