Webinar: Creating a Convincing Case for Accounts Receivable Automation

Rising accounts receivables, DSO and customer calls? The case to automate is now. 

In light of rising competition and interest rates, improving accounts receivable and working capital positions is more important than ever. But, manual processes continue to hinder organizations from realizing optimal financial performance and efficiency. You need to reinvent your financial processes to free up your cash flow, get paid faster and offer a superior customer experience over your competitors. The case for accounts receivable automation is now.

Join this webinar on Tuesday, August 15, 2017, at 2 PM EST with to learn 3 convincing reasons why you need to consider AR automation right now.

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Video: How VersaPay ARC Works

Tired of your accounts receivable process?

Check out this video to learn how VersaPay ARC can revive your tired, mundane AR process by automating key areas to get paid faster, save time and money, collect smarter, apply cash easily, gain insight into AR and make customers happy.

Here’s what people are saying about AR automation

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“We selected VersaPay to help us reinvent the way we manage our invoicing and accounts receivable processes. VersaPay’s solution eliminates many of the challenges we faced, from the preparation of invoices through to the manual matching of payments to invoices. We continually seek for ways to further enhance our customer experience, while driving improvements in their business operations. We expect to see a marked improvement in our financial operations while making it easier for our customers to conduct business with us as a result of working with VersaPay.”

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VersaPay for your Industry

With our flexible approach to accounts receivable management, we apply our expertise across a variety of industries, to create a tailored solution that is right for your business: