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VersaPay eBook: How Clean Data Can Help you Get Paid Faster

Is your organization blinded by “dirty data”?

When your master database is not accurate, it’s hard to gain the insight you need. In this eBook, we will investigate how dirty data can slow down your organization, invoice-to-cash process and the time to get paid. Download this eBook to learn how to clean your data, keep it accurate and improve the efficiency of your accounts receivables.

Here’s what people are saying about AR automation

“One of our strategic initiatives was to create a better collaboration and payment experience for thousands of our small business and accountant customers. We wanted to provide an easy-to-use online environment that provides our customers with more payment options. We searched the market, including VersaPay, and evaluated many companies for the best solution. Although we had the ability to build something in-house, we selected VersaPay as they had already invested in a robust solution that met our requirements and they were extremely accommodating in providing additional functionality that we subsequently requested.”

Scott Beth Vice President of Finance Operations
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With our flexible approach to accounts receivable management, we apply our expertise across a variety of industries, to create a tailored solution that is right for your business: