Solve your most pressing invoice-to-cash challenges


Simplify the invoice-to-cash process by automating accounts receivable, streamlining payment acceptance, and collaborating with teammates and customers in one AR solution.

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We deliver results customers love

50% less time managing receivables
25% faster payments
30% fewer past-due invoices
95% customer satisfaction rate

Accounts receivable automation benefits customers count on


Versapay’s Collaborative AR solution combines industry-leading automated accounts receivable, intuitive collaboration tools, and a next-generation B2B payments network.

Increase efficiency and visibility

Increase efficiency and visibility

Automate virtually all routine accounts receivable tasks online and have all data automatically synced with your ERP.

Accelerate CF

Accelerate cash flow

Automate everything from invoicing to accounts receivable collections so your team can focus on strategic activities.

Deliver better CX

Deliver better customer experiences

Collaborate with customers online to quickly answer questions and resolve disputes.

Automated accounts receivable like you’ve never seen

Traditional accounts receivable automation software isn't effective in today's world. Versapay's Collaborative AR solution lets you connect with customers to resolve issues before they hurt your cash flow. Learn why top teams choose Collaborative AR.

Customer collaboration

Create superior customer experiences


  • Deliver always-on access to complete, shared invoice and account information with a secure, self-serve portal
  • Solve customer needs by managing disputes and short-pays with built-in commenting

Get paid quickly and securely


Add built-in, secure click-to-pay links directly to invoices and accept payments inside your portal.

Accept multiple payment methods securely including credit cards, ACH, checks, and virtual cards.

Set fully customizable online payment acceptance rules, including automatic recurring payments with autopay.

Make automated invoicing effortless


Manage all accounts receivable activities in one place. Set up custom electronic invoice and statement delivery options with accounts receivable automation.

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See everything you need to know about your customers

Get real-time visibility into e-invoice delivery status to see if customers received and opened email notifications using Versapay's supplier portal.

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Cut down on manual work

Let AR automation handle the day-to-day invoicing tasks so your team can focus on critical tasks.

Take the work out of accounts receivable collections


Access real-time analytics that put all billing and accounts receivable collections information at your fingertips.

View entire account histories, and drill into outstanding invoices, payments, credits, and customer interaction data.

Automate collections tasks like upcoming and late payment reminders with configurable notifications so your staff can focus on more valuable work.

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Apply cash for all your payment sources


  • Automatically extract data and reassociate decouple remittance from multiple sources—including vendor portals, bank lockboxes, emails, and PDFs—using advanced image recognition and machine learning technology.
  • Get 100% reliable remittance information with automatic cash application for online payments made in Versapay’s payment portal.
  • Reduce manual work by matching payments with invoices and accounts using a comprehensive, AI-powered solution that delivers +90% straight-through processing for payments made outside Versapay’s payment portal.


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“With Versapay, we're starting to see our receivable balance get lower and lower, which means that there's more cash coming in the door, which is great.”
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Joe LoParrino, CAO ShopOne


“Versapay gave us the ability to process credit card payments and ACH in real-time. Customers can apply and split payments however they'd like, and no one from our organization needs to touch the transaction.”
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Isaak Stein, Director of Software Development and Engineering PREIT

Guide: How to Choose Accounts Receivable Automation Software

Choosing the right AR automation software can be easy. This guide, complete with 12 interactive checklists, will help you make the right choice.

In this guide, you’ll:

  • Learn what AR automation software is, why you need it, and how to evaluate it
  • Explore the challenges with manual accounts receivable collections
  • Discover the benefits of AR automation
Hand holding the How to Choose Accounts Receivable Automation Software guide

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See our accounts receivable automation solution in action


Reduce manual work, get paid faster, and deliver superior customer experiences with cloud-based accounts receivable automation software.

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Collaborative AR FAQs

Automated accounts receivable involves automating the process of receiving and recording payments from customers for goods or services provided by a business. This can include pre-setting reminders for payments, electronic invoicing, online payment portals, and payment reconciliation. By automating these tasks, you can reduce manual work, improve efficiency, and provide more accurate and timely recording of transactions.

While accounts payable (AP) refers to liabilities a business owes, accounts receivable (AR) refers to the funds a business is owed by its customers. Essentially, AP is money out, and AR is money in. AR automation involves automating tasks such as sending invoices, collecting payments, and applying payments to open receivables. On the other hand, AP automation involves automating tasks such as paying invoices and recording those payments.

There are many reasons accounts receivable automation software is critical to modern businesses:

  1. Drive efficiency: Automation allows businesses to complete tasks faster and frees up employees to work on more strategic projects.
  2. Increase accuracy: Technologies like AI and machine learning allow tasks like cash application to be completed with a high degree of accuracy, even when information is missing or human error is present.
  3. Accelerate cash flow: By automating invoices and collections, you can ensure customers receive the information they need promptly, and provide easier ways to pay.

AR automation software streamlines cash flow in a few different ways:

  1. Increased visibility: With the ability to track the payment status of each invoice, businesses can stay on top of collections and limit DSO.
  2. Faster dispute resolution: Instead of playing phone tag or getting lost in email chains, disputes and questions can be managed directly in AR automation software.
  3. Accelerated cash application: AI can match payments to open receivables faster than humans, ensuring that cash flow is replenished more quickly.

Key Performance Indicators are critical to understanding how AR directly impacts business performance. The following are three of the most tracked in accounts receivable:

  1. Days Sales Outstanding (DSO): This measures the average number of days it takes to collect payment from customers. A lower DSO indicates that customers are paying their invoices more quickly, which can improve cash flow.
  2. Average Collection Period (ACP): The average time it takes to collect payment from customers, measured in days. A lower ACP indicates that the company is collecting payments more quickly.
  3. Bad Debt Ratio: This measures the percentage of total sales the company is unable to collect from customers. A lower bad debt ratio indicates that the company is effectively managing credit risk and minimizing losses due to unpaid invoices.