AR transformation starts with customer collaboration

Engage your customers and work collaboratively with them over the cloud to accelerate payments, build an extraordinary customer experience, and maximize efficiencies.

Customer collaboration
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Get to the root of your AR management problems

Communication is key and a crucial component to driving efficiency and optimizing your accounts receivable management. Our collaborative AR automation solution empowers your AR department to connect and communicate with your customers over the cloud at the front-office level, where returns are greatest.

Managing disputes with AR automation

Create amazing customer experiences through AR

Engage and build deeper relationships with your customers. With Versapay's integrated communication capabilities, you're able to answer questions, request information, share documents, and register disputes in real-time. Even loop colleagues in to ongoing conversations when the time is right.

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Automate, but keep that human touch

Collections calls are tough. They can wear down both you and your customers. With over 150 prompts, our software automates routine touch points and payment reminders. Combine that with our conversational tools that allow for in-line communication over cloud, and you're suddenly a collections force to be reckoned with.

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Make the right connections at the right time

Collaborative AR doesn't mean everyone's involved. It means the right people are involved at the right time. We handle routing and notifications so you can solve customer questions, disputes, and unapplied payments faster, without having to loop in your entire organization unnecessarily.

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"We look at Versapay collaboration like LinkedIn. If you have a LinkedIn conversation between two people, it stays in one central location. So you have a record. Other people on your team can go to that location to look at this conversation you're having with your tenant. Bringing those conversations right into the system will bring greater accountability to them."
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Jeff Phaneuf, VP of Finance & Planning of Boston Properties

Dive deep on accounts receivable payment portals

Discover how accounts receivable payment portals let buyers easily review and pay invoices online, accelerating the seller’s cash flow and improving the customer experience.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Why collaborative payment portals beat standard portals
  • How to evaluate accounts receivable portals
  • The importance of customer adoption for payment portals
  • And more
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Customer collaboration FAQs

Accounts receivable payment portals give both buyers and suppliers an easier way to complete activities like viewing invoices and making payments. This not only makes the process more transparent, but also increases flexibility and convenience by offering various payment options. And with real-time reminders and notifications, it’s easier for both teams to stay on top of what they owe.

Accounts receivable payment problems speed up cash flow by removing friction at many points. By making it easier for customers to pay, you get paid faster. And by freeing up your AR team’s time, they can focus on bringing in the large payments that truly keep business moving.

The top online customer payment portal providers take many steps to keep information safe. For example, Versapay’s Collaborative AR solution is certified at the highest payments industry standards, so you can rest easy knowing the data you collect is safe, and you remain out of PCI DSS scope.

For the best results, a collaborative AR payment portal should have the following features:

  1. Built-in commenting: The ability to comment on invoices and resolve disputes without picking up a phone or typing an email is critical.
  2. Full account visibility: Both buyers and suppliers should always be able to see who owes what, what they owe it for, when it’s due, and more.
  3. Payment capability: For maximum convenience, buyers should have the power to make full or partial payments on invoices within the platform.