We Have What It Takes To Make Your Project a Reality

With the right team, experience and technology, we have what it takes to make your project a reality with minimal IT investment. A key component of our integration success is the VersaPay intelligent integration agent, VersaPoint. VersaPoint is an enterprise grade connector that automates the synchronization of customer, invoice and payment data between your source system(s) and ARC. At a high level, our approach to integrations is as follows:

  1. Customer, invoice, payment data & supporting documents are extracted and securely transmitted to VersaPay for import.
  2. Data is securely transmitted for import into VersaPay ARC.
  3. Payments made in ARC are extracted, securely transmitted, and staged on-premise.
  4. Cash application via our native connector (or optional lockbox import).

The Right Team

At VersaPay, we live and breathe accounts receivable day in and day out. It’s what we do, and what we are passionate about – helping B2B organizations improve their invoicing and accounts receivable processes with a more effective and streamlined approach that delivers results. As an extension of your team, our integration experts will implement a solution for you with minimal IT investment and effort on the part of your staff.

The Right Experience

For more than 10 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of B2B organizations, big and small, across North America to tackle the toughest challenges related to financial operations, across a variety of industries.

We understand that changing business processes is not always a top priority for companies.  That’s why at VersaPay, our team of experienced integration experts take on the heavy lifting, so your team doesn’t have to. Working with cross-functional teams including finance and IT, we’ve developed deep expertise in understanding business workflows and integrating with ERP infrastructures.

The Right Technology

VersaPay integrates with industry ERPs & proprietary in-house systems, allowing you to leverage your current technology investments. Using our robust integration techniques, VersaPay has built a network of tried & tested connectors to cloud based and on-premise systems.

The Platform That Pays For Itself

Whether you’re exploring A/R automation for the first time or building the business case to begin a project, our quick ROI calculator will show you the specific savings available to your business.

Take a couple of minutes to understand the compelling case for automating your AR.

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