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The right payment processing software can automate and speed up payments, reduce manual processes, accelerate cash flow, and unlock efficiency. All while lowering your business costs.

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5M+ companies transacting
110M+ transactions annually
$170B+ payments volume annually
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Payment processing software for B2B businesses

Accept electronic payments anytime from any channel directly in your ERP—right through an invoice, on your ecommerce site, and in store. Our integrated payment processing services streamline reconciliation from acceptance to posting to cash receipt journal balancing, so regardless of your business, you can manage all your payment data in one place with ease.

Microsoft ERP PCI DSS compliance

Robust and secure payment processing

Our payment processing solutions are PCI DSS Compliant and meet the highest bank-level security standards, so your business remains safe. All your customers’ payments are tokenized and encrypted for a more secure payment experience.

Lower processing cost 20

Lower your business costs with optimized rates

Capture and pass along L2 and L3 data with each transaction your customers make, resulting in lower interchange costs that maximize your cost savings. Stay in control with configurable online payment acceptance rules, credit card surcharges, and autopay with our automated payment processing services.

The Ultimate Guide to Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing can help you speed up and automate payments, reduce manual processes, and accelerate cash flow. In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • The impacts of rising credit card usage—and how to mitigate them
  • The entities involved in the credit card processing ecosystem
  • The different processing fees and pricing models
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Medicine On Time

Medicine on Time
"We could not be happier with our decision to transition to Versapay for our credit card processing needs. It is simple, efficient to use, and integrates seamlessly with NetSuite. In addition, we have seen a significant decrease in processing costs. Most importantly, the support we received has been impressive."
Kathy Chudow, VP of Finance and Administration Medicine On Time


Becker Black
"Versapay's technology is years ahead of the competition. I am not at all surprised with their Innovator of the Year award from NetSuite. These guys never stop and are super cool to work with."
Devin Becker, Vice President Becker

Las Vegas Expo

Las Vegas Expo 2x
"This has been the most responsive payment processing partner I have ever worked with. Versapay took the time to understand our business and ensure we reduced our payment processing costs and improved funding timeframes. They have been a true advocate when it comes to fighting chargebacks."
Nicholas Cordaro, President Las Vegas Expo
Automated payment processing reconciliation and reporting

Automate bank reconciliation and reporting

Capture and store all settlement data in our end-to-end payment processing platform. With real-time reports simplifying bank reconciliation and reporting, you no longer need to track down files from third-party payment processors.

Payment processing solutions automatically update expired credit cards

Enjoy the advantage of a payment facilitator

As a payment facilitator, our merchant application process is streamlined so you can start accepting payments from customers right away. This also means payments are processed faster, including next-day funding, and you get more visibility into settlements.

Protect yourself from payments fraud

Protect your business from payments fraud

Get the jump on fraudsters with smart B2B fraud transaction monitoring. With a flexible payment gateway, integrations with popular shopping carts, and competitive merchant services, you can securely process your online orders from cart to cash. You can also reduce fraud and grow revenue with optional checkout solutions that limit fraudulent chargebacks.

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Payment network FAQs

Payment processing software is a solution that facilitates electronic payment transactions. Businesses use it to securely process payments from customers using various payment methods such as credit cards, ACH payments, and digital wallets. The software typically integrates with a payment gateway and a merchant account to securely process transactions and manage payment data.

There are a few differences. First, a payment gateway is the technology that encrypts and transmits payment data to the payment processor. From there, the payment processor transmits details of the transaction to the customer’s card-issuing bank and the acquiring bank of the merchant. They also differ based on how a customer is paying. While payment gateways are mainly used for eCommerce, credit card readers, POS systems, and software connections, payment processors are necessary for any card-based transaction.

While it may vary, funds from a transaction made through payment processing services are generally deposited to the merchant’s bank account within 1–3 days of the transaction being processed. Depending on the payment processor, larger settlements can sometimes take longer to process.

There are a number of commonly used payment processing services:

  • ACH payments: Short for “Automated Clearing House”, ACH payments are electronic payments that digitally move funds from one bank to another digitally.
  • Credit cards: Though they’re often accompanied by fees, credit cards provide businesses and customers with both flexibility and familiarity.
  • Digital payment services: These services, such as PayPal and Apple Pay, allow users to pay digitally, and offer additional features such as adding documentation to transactions.

Versapay's ERP Payments solution allows businesses to process payments online directly in their enterprise resource planning system. This saves them the trouble of moving information from one system to the other, helping drive efficiency and cash flow. Versapay offers native integration with several top ERP systems, including Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and Sage Intacct.