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A simple payment solution that ensures your business PCI compliant to save money and access enhanced functionality.

Electronic Cash Register Interface (ECRi).

Electronic Cash Register interface (ECRi) is the most cost-effective way to ensure your integrated POS is PCI compliant. ECRi-enabled, stand-alone POS terminals allow merchants to process payments without transferring sensitive credit card account information to the merchant’s POS system. This technology offloads PCI compliance issues to the merchant’s provider, reducing the headaches and costs associated with credit card fraud. Switching to an ECRi capable payment solution is easy and offers merchants significant benefits.

A simple payment solution

Merchants who operate with an ECRi payment solution can offload PCI compliance requirements to their provider while implementing a future-proof payment system. Their provider remotely updates the payment system when upgrades are made available. All these features make for a simple payment solution that takes the headaches and discomfort out of payment processing, allowing merchants to focus on their own business.

Save more money

Implementing ECRi into your payment system can save merchants a lot of money. The cost of securing an average network to PCI standards is more than $250,000 per year. With ECRi, sensitive credit card account data is not transferred to the merchant’s POS system. This allows merchants to offload PCI responsibilities to their provider while significantly reducing expenses. ECRi merchants are no longer liable for stolen credit card account data in the event of a breach of their network, and thus avoid massive expenses inherent to the litigation of fraud cases.

Enhanced functionality

An Electronic Cash Register interface (ECRi)-integrated system.

ECRi payment systems make payment processing easy and reliable. Often twice as fast as regular processors, VersaPay’s ECRi solutions provide the fastest method available for processing transactions. ECRi operates independently off of a merchant’s computer and is capable of switching over to telephone lines during Internet connectivity loss, providing unparalleled reliability to its users.

ECRi is a simple and cost-effective payment solution that boasts a reliable and efficient payment experience.

VersaPay is committed to helping merchants find the best payment processing solution for their unique business.

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