Collaboration is the Key

This is where we stand apart from the crowd. We bring a customer-centric, collaborative approach to AR that scales and delights at the same time.

Address the Root Cause

Most AR solutions today are built for the back office, providing ways to manage workflow that don't really address the root issues. We're fundamentally different - fixing AR in the front-office where the problems originate, and where the impact is greatest.

Engage, Don’t Manage

Make it easy for your customers to interact with your team using our collaborative tools. Questions and disputes can be managed with ease in real-time - and we make it easy to loop in whoever needs to be in order to get to the right resolution quickly.

“We had a good roadmap of what we wanted to accomplish with this project when we started. One was to streamline the billing process and make it more efficient. The second part was to deliver a better client experience. We’ve achieved both of those goals.”

Matt Telmanik

President, CCS Construction Staffing

Bring the Human Touch

Your customers hate collections calls (and so does your team) - so we've built over 150 prompts that take care of the routine triggers your customers often need to remember to pay, and combined them with conversational tools that allow for in-line communication to take place when it's needed most.

Harness the Power of Team

Often, solving customer questions and disputes requires looping in other members of the business. From Sales through to Shipping, we handle routing and notifications so that the right people stay in the loop on the issues they need to, without exposing every member of your team to every interaction across your customer base.

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