Let Your Customers Pay The Way They Want To

The convenience of checks has gone digital. From short pays to paying complete account balances, you can reap the benefits of digital payment efficiency while still giving your customers flexibility.

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Digital Payments Done Right

Our powerful payment engine lets your customers do anything they used to do with a check, with their credit card or bank account. From straightforward invoice payments through to short pays, multiple pays, and leveraging credits - it can all be done with just a few clicks and no waiting.

Take Your Payments Real-Time

Keep your finger on the pulse of your AR health with instant, real-time visibility to when and how payments are made - all in complete sync with your ERP. Once a payment is received all relevant records and updated, and cash is applied with 100% certainty for all online payments.

Making Credit Cards Easy

We get that there's complexity that can come with accepting credit cards - so we've built a sophisticated engine that ensures payments are matched to the correct invoice, the cash is settled into the right accounts, and that you have complete control over fees and surcharging to ensure that it's economically viable over the long-term.

“We had one account that was constantly slow paying us. We actually had to put them on credit hold. We were spending a couple of hours every month trying to reach them, trying to get them to pay and get caught up. ARC has eliminated all of that struggle. We put that customer on autopay and they have literally not been a problem since.”

Traci Leffel

Director of Finance, Rocket Industrial


We're Serious About Security

All of our payments are run in a PCI DSS compliant environment, that has been vetted by the largest financial institutions, and is trusted by some of the world's largest accounting firms. Take the compliance burden off the shoulders of your team and let us make sure it's the last thing you need to think of.

Payment Schedules

The days of a "promise to pay" being backed by only a promise are over. Today's “promise to pay” is scheduled and backed by a verified payment method a cornerstone of our approach. This scheduling engine also allows customers to automate recurring payments so they no longer have to worry about missing deadlines.

Support for Global Payments

Like your business, we are built for scale. Whether you're entering new markets, or just looking to reinforce your leadership position in existing markets, we have the technology to back you. With support for payments in over 160 countries, across a variety of currencies, we take payments anywhere you do.