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November 3rd, 2022

Learn exactly where you are in your digital AR journey, how you stack up against peers, and how to set your AR team up for success. Take the assessment if you're looking for:

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✓ A holistic view of where your AR stands

✓ Valuable findings on AR trends from our exclusive research

✓ A custom roadmap to solve your most pressing AR challenges

What you can expect:

Here’s how we’ll learn about your accounts receivable needs and suggest the best path forward:

  • Gather important info — We’ll collect key details about your business.
  • Identify gaps in your AR processes — Then, we’ll dive deep into your current AR practices to understand where you have room to grow.
  • Evaluate your customer’s experience — Next, we’ll collect insights on how your customers experience your AR process.
  • Set goals and ideal outcomes — Last, we’ll identify your AR goals.

It's as easy as...

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You complete our 6-minute accounts receivable transformation assessment

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We deliver your comprehensive, personalized AR Transformation Roadmap to your inbox

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We'll connect to see how we can help put your roadmap into action

Your Accounts Receivable Transformation Roadmap is just a few clicks away!

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What you'll find in your report:

  • Challenge breakdowns — Dive deep into each of your AR challenges and learn how Collaborative AR helps solve them in ways traditional solutions can't
  • Achieving your goals — Identify your AR goals and the technology that can best help you get there
  • Customer experience insights — Learn how your AR processes can be improved to deliver better customer experiences
  • How Versapay can help — Discover how our Collaborative AR solution gives you the tools to turn your learnings into results

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