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Digital Payments Are Ready For The Spotlight

Published on 1 min read

Pulse and Versapay surveyed 100 finance tech leaders to find out how check and digital payments use compare at their organizations and what their priorities are for 2021.

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Digital Payments Are Ready For The Spotlight

In this report you'll learn:

  • How check and digital payments use compares across organizations
  • What tech leader's priorities are for 2021
  • If buyers are ready to move away from check payments to digital payments
  • And much more!

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By accepting digital payment methods, you’re able to improve business efficiency, increase accounts receivable productivity, enhance your customer’s experience, and accelerate cash flow.

However, many buyers are still making payments with checks. As the business world becomes increasingly digital, a transition that has been accelerated by COVID-19, are buyers becoming more interested in self-serve, digital payment options?

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