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The Way Payments Are Done Now

  • 1 min read

What's inside:

  • How payments have changed in the past year, and predictions on what's to come
  • Expert insights on how FinTechs are bringing new ideas to the forefront of consumer payments
  • A deeper look at the behavioural shifts permeating consumer and business payments
  • And much more!
The Way Payments Are Now Done

What’s new initially feels unfamiliar, but with practice and necessity, ultimately becomes the ‘new normal.’

In this eBook, 32 C-Suite payment executives (including Versapay's Craig O'Neill—page 120) weigh in on how the pandemic forced consumers to embrace new contactless forms of payment, to the point where these are now familiar and preferable.

What begins as a seismic shift gradually becomes the new normal.

After all, repetition breeds familiarity. Familiarity breeds adoption until what was once unfamiliar, or perhaps even uncomfortable, becomes second nature.

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