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Versapay Named Most Promising NetSuite Solution Provider of 2021

Published on 2 min read

Versapay’s Solupay Built for NetSuite payment solution is included among the 10 most promising NetSuite solution providers of 2021 as named by CIOReview, and is at the forefront of transforming businesses' payments processes.

2020 challenged the status quo of how businesses operate and pressured leaders to pivot to remain afloat, let alone be competitive. With the turn of the calendar, the same businesses that persevered are now looking to build resilience, predict and analyze future scenarios, and manage spend more wisely.

To assist NetSuite customers and business leaders in identifying tools to strengthen their digital agility, CIOReview—a leading technology magazine and knowledge center for C-suite executives that guides enterprises through an ever-evolving business environment—has compiled a list of the top companies providing NetSuite solutions.

Versapay is honored to be included among the 10 most promising NetSuite solution providers of 2021 with our Solupay Built for NetSuite payment solution.

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A payment solution built specifically for NetSuite

The pandemic and accelerated push for digitization has essentially rendered traditional paper-based payments and accounts receivable (AR) processes obsolete. The existing delays caused by conventional payments and invoicing processes, along with time-intensive, laborious collections efforts, have pushed finance and accounting professionals to seek more modern solutions. Forward-thinking businesses are automating AR activities to reduce costs and presenting customers with diverse methods of making payments across all sales channels.

As part of these efforts, businesses are also integrating their AR and payments platforms directly with NetSuite, enabling complete visibility into the payments and invoicing process. The result is a seamless digital invoicing solution with secure and accurate data.

Versapay’s Solupay Built for NetSuite payment solution eliminates issues that could arise between buyers and suppliers throughout the payment process.

“We provide a secure and encrypted end-to-end digital conversation between our clients and their customers. This eliminates the possibilities of mistakes in the payment process and also makes it resilient to potential fraud situations,” says Jayme Moss, EVP, Sales and Payments at Versapay. ‏‏‎ ‎

Versapay’s Solupay for NetSuite solution is a best-in-class order-to-cash (OTC) software that drives payments automation and collaborative AR. We help businesses mitigate the risk of fraud, enhance the efficiency of their payment processes, optimize and reduce manual labor—freeing up resources for more impactful work—save money, and get paid faster.

You can read the full report here, to learn more about Versapay’s Solupay Built for NetSuite digital invoicing and payment solution, how you can leverage it to achieve success at scale, and why CIOReview has included it as one of their Most Promising NetSuite Solution Providers of 2021.


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