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A/R Automation for Transportation and Logistics

  • Automate Your Workflows: Reduce manual processes in the Accounts Receivable process by up to 70% and refocus your team’s efforts on adding value for your customers.
  • Centralize Invoices and Supporting Documentation: Provide your customers with an online hub for invoices, supporting documentation, and payment options.
  • Resolve Disputes in Real-Time: Your customers are able to collaborate with your A/R team online, in real-time, to get questions answered and disputes resolved quickly.

Reduce your DSO By 5 – 25+ Days

Transportation and logistics businesses are in a highly competitive market, often with pressure on operating margins. Issuing invoices and supporting documentation relies heavily on labor-intensive processes such as printing, mailing, emailing, faxing, and scanning of invoices and documents.

Issues around missing documentation and disputes about invoice accuracy both contribute to late payments, and once payment is received, manually matching payments to invoices causes further delays.

Reduce Manual Collections Effort by 70%

With over 150 intelligent notifications, our platform takes care of notifying customers when invoices are ready, and reminding them to make payment when they are overdue. This means you can focus your team’s efforts on connecting with the customers that can’t (or won’t!) pay. In turn, you’ll now be able to focus your team on tasks that require a human touch.

Decrease Printing & Postage Costs

Our online platform allows your customers to view their invoices and all supporting documents in real-time, eliminating the need to source and re-send information when customers misplace the originals. We securely move your customers from an email notification through to the web portal in a single click, providing a pain-free experience that encourages maximum adoption rates.

Experience Results in Weeks

With an industry-leading adoption rate of 75% and the ability to go live in as few as two weeks, you will be well-positioned to drive results within a quarter. ARC has been designed and built to be scalable and customizable out of the box to ensure that it will connect with your existing ERP and processes smoothly.

The Platform That Pays For Itself

Whether you’re exploring A/R automation for the first time or building the business case to begin a project, our quick ROI calculator will show you the specific savings available to your business.

Take a couple of minutes to understand the compelling case for automating your AR.

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