Effective August 1, 2021, the following define the Services and are exclusively considered part of the Documentation, as per DadeSystems’ Master Subscription Agreement (“Agreement”). Capitalized terms not defined in this document are as defined in the Agreement.

DadePayTM – Cash Application

Former Names: DadePay – AR Automation

  • DadePay Cash Application is a processing solution to:
    • automate capture of incoming payments and remittance information
    • import open Accounts Receivable (“AR”) information from one or more systems based on user-defined frequencies and schedules
    • import of lockbox images from third-party lockbox provider(s)
    • import of EFT files (BAI2, NACHA, EDI,CPA, ISO) from banks provider(s)
    • export AR Posting information, based on user-defined frequencies and schedules
  • Features include:
    • Proprietary DadePay Document Analyzer that extracts payment and remittance information from both paper (image) and electronic sources
    • Auto-payment re-association for decoupled payments, where remittance documents are received via email separate from electronic payments
    • Exception management workflow with search and filter capabilities that remembers exception-management- user validations and provides straight-though processing for similar future payments
    • Complete and extensive audit tracking of transactions

DadePayTM – Check Capture

Former Names: DadePay – AR Automation Scanning / Check Capture Option; Virtual Scanning; Virtual Lockbox; Lockbox360

  • DadePay Check Capture captures payments and remittance online, using any browser on a PC or Mac, including:
    • Support for TWAIN scanners for the capture of check and remittances
    • Creation of Image Cash Letter (“ICL”) for bank deposit

DadePayTM – Mobile AR

Former Names: DadePay – Mobile

  • DadePay Mobile AR allows Customer’s employees to capture payments remotely using their Android or iOS smart phone

DadePayTM – PayNow

  • DadePay PayNow is a Request-for-Payment service that allows Customer to send payment requests to its customers, whereby its customers can use their own mobile device(s) to capture payments that can be automatically deposited

DadePayTM – ePayment Customer Portal

Former Names: DadePay – ePayments, DadePay –ePayment Portal

  • DadePay ePayment Portal is an online portal for viewing and payment of invoices with features to prompt Customer’s

customers via email or text alerts to make payments using a phone, tablet, or desktop app. Features include:

  • Support for payments via ACH and Card
  • Summary account view with balances and totals, along with filterable detail for open and closed transactions
  • Ability to group invoices that can be included in a single payment; to select and pay all invoices due before the current date; to auto-pay on invoice due dates; to short-pay with an optional explanation; or to schedule, edit, or cancel future (pending) payments
  • Online payment confirmation with ability to print
  • Support for company customer service personnel to transact on behalf of Customer’s customer independently or simultaneously, while Customer’s customer is online
  • Complete and extensive audit tracking of transactions

DadePayTM – Verify

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