Stop reacting to collections challenges
and get ahead of the crisis.

Is your team managing collections from crisis-to-crisis? The avalanche of work that piles up on collections teams is all too familiar: volumes of overdue accounts, rising collections calls, and open activities, which all drive up your days’ sales outstanding (DSO).

Collection teams react by adding headcount to get the help they need. But, increasing headcount is not enough. This reactive approach results in a growing collections team, buried in busy work with less time to focus on business-critical and priority tasks that yield the highest return. To get paid faster, reduce DSO and improve the customer experience, you need a collections team that is armed with the right tools to be proactive and efficient.

With VersaPay ARC™’s accounts receivable solution, you can automate the credit and collections process and gain insight to take action before a crisis occurs. ARC will arm your team with the collections tools they need at their fingertips in a cloud-based platform that is easy, secure, and cost-effective to deploy and maintain.

Automate Credit & Collection Process With VersaPay ARC

VersaPay Customer Testimonial - SPS Commerce

“We are serving customers globally and rely on strategic partners like VersaPay to support our financial operations and provide excellent service for our customers. Now we have a streamlined approach that covers collections and much more, including our invoice-to-cash process.”

SPS Commerce Kim Nelson, Chief Financial Officer

Provide the best customer experience and optimize the efficiency of your collections.

Happier clients, pay you faster. With VersaPay ARC, you can take a proactive approach to collections with actionable insight into customer accounts and automate manual tasks to free up time to be spent on building relationships.

Collections Features

With the right tools for the job, your credit and collections process and team will make a significant difference in your organization with happier customers, lowered DSO and bad debt, and more cash in the bank.

Automate manual “busy work”.

Automate Simple, Straightforward Processes With VersaPay

Automate simple, straightforward processes (inputting data, reconciling invoices, follow-ups, reminders and other tasks) to save time and refocus your team on high-value activities without growing your headcount.

Improve customer relations.

Improve Customer Relations With VersaPay ARC
With a self-service portal customers have what they need at their fingertips 24/7,
allowing you and your customer to have access to the same information in real-time. Ability to view invoices and supporting information eliminates the need to resend invoices and automated reminders keep clients on top of outstanding balances. Customers have control to manage their own payments (autopay, payment plans, credit cards, ACH/EFT) increasing the chance to receive payment by due date.

Streamline task management.

Streamline Task Management WIth VersaPay ARC

Create to-do lists, bulk tasks, and alerts within VersaPay ARC to automatically notify your team on which customers to follow-up with, including how to and time frames.

Create filters and lists with tag management.

Collectors can create customized, actionable tags (e.g. create a watch list tag or assign tags by collectors) to quickly filter and create sub-listings for customer accounts.

Tags are visible and can be assigned to cross-functional teams (sales, client services, etc), to ensure that collections are prioritized and the right individuals are taking action.

Improve collaboration with internal note tracking.

Improve Collaboration With Internal Note Tracking In VersaPay ARC


Collectors and cross-functional teams can collaborate and increase visibility into accounts with internal notes to share important information (conversations, follow-up actions, history of account activities) to help speed collections.

Track customer interactions.

Track Customer Interactions With VersaPay ARC
Collections tools track requests for information, follow ups that are date and time sensitive and email interactions, to help you ensure nothing falls through the cracks and all activities are tracked.

This builds a strong historical profile for each of your customers, allowing your team to determine appropriate follow-up and next steps.

Access real-time insight with analytics dashboard.

Analytics Dashboard In VersaPay ARC

With VersaPay ARC’s live, interactive dashboard, you will have a single view of all your outstanding AR to understand who your top problem customers are, which customers sit in which aging buckets (Current, 30, 60, 90+) and payment behaviors.

With the ability to drill down to the customer level, you can see information on per client basis (invoices, PODS, dispute information, payment history, claims and tracking info) to support collections prioritization.

Easy payment options for clients.

Automated Payment Options For Clients

Payments can be automated in a variety of ways. From payment plans, installment plans, auto-pay plans.

Its customer self-service – payment activity is completely automated or made with a single click so it is easy for clients. Payments are in real-time, so if a customer is on your watch list and they make a payment, it’s off your list automatically.  

Seeing is believing.

See how VersaPay ARC can help you improve collections and streamline your invoice-to-cash process with a customized demo with one of our AR advisors.