Automate invoice delivery across all channels

Deliver invoices to customers based on their preference using a world-class omni-channel invoicing system. Lower costs, drive digital invoice acceptance, and capture more payments.

Omni channel invoicing

Meet unique customer needs with paper and online invoicing and billing

Satisfy your customers with electronic invoice delivery that suits their needs, and find the perfect balance between cost, efficiency, and speed of payment. Distribute invoices by email, customer portal, accounts payable portal, EDI, or even paper and mail.

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When omni-channel invoicing and cash application collide

How your customers want to pay is as diverse as how they want to receive invoices. Versapay's Cash Application solution ensures you're able to easily match payments with remittance data, so your customers never need to compromise on how they receive or pay invoices.

Online invoicing document attachment

Invoices and documents belong together

Increase AR productivity and drive efficiency by allowing your customers to access invoices and supporting documentation together. The days of sending USBs and reams of paper are over. Our automated invoicing software links invoices with relevant documentation electronically.

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Omni-channel. Single source of truth.

You and your customers can access electronic invoices and view their account status in real-time through our dedicated, cloud-based portal. Get complete visibility into payment details and trends, past-due and delinquent accounts, and individual invoice and customer information, so you can make more informed decisions.

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  • 99% of customers using the new payment portal
  • 50+ hours per month saved manually preparing invoices and collecting payment
“Versapay is committed to commercial real estate. Versapay took the time to really understand us, partner with us and be flexible with what we needed.”
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E-invoicing personalized invoices

Improve customer experience through invoice personalization

Create a seamless, branded AR experience for your customers. Leave no rock unturned by customizing their invoices from design and layout, to business unit and geography, to everything in between. We even support customization of summary invoices and statements.

How a Cybersecurity Enterprise Eliminated 50+ Hours of Manual Work per Month While Tripling Revenues

In this case study, you’ll learn how e-invoicing helped this company:

  • Transform their highly manual invoicing processes to re-allocate 50 hours per month to high-impact work
  • Automate their accounting operations to drive an influx of digital payments and triple company revenues
  • Accomplish all this without adding additional staff
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Automated print and mail services

Need to print and mail invoices but don't have the resources? Versapay's e-invoicing and billing software can also automate the creation and delivery of your paper invoices, on your behalf. We'll even facilitate and automate payment in return!

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E-invoicing FAQs

E-invoicing, short for electronic invoicing, involves the exchange of digital invoices between a buyer and a seller. Choosing this format allows invoices to be created and delivered much more quickly than traditional paper invoices.

EDI, short for Electronic Data Interchange, is a standardized format used to share business documents between companies. Billing refers to the process of creating statements reflecting how much a buyer must pay a seller. Electronic invoicing is the exchange of a digitized invoice. Here’s how they work together: In its billing process, a business participates in electronic invoicing through EDI.

Automating a billing process requires an AR automation solution, such as Collaborative AR from Versapay. This involves digitizing and/or importing information such as customer details, general ledgers, product and pricing information, and more to a centralized solution. Once this is complete, you can begin to automate invoice creation, delivery, and follow-up.

In no particular order, the following payment methods are among the most popular:

  • Credit cards: Mirroring consumers, businesses are turning to credit cards more and more to make payments.
  • ACH transfers: These are direct transfers from a buyer’s bank to the seller’s bank. Their fully digital nature makes them a perfect fit for e-invoicing.
  • Checks: Despite the rise of digital payments, paper checks are still used by many businesses. Thankfully, cash application automation solutions can make accepting, processing, and applying checks easier.