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Versapay's Doug Hathaway Featured on InformationWeek Podcast

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In an episode of InformationWeek's podcast DOS Won't Hunt, panelists discuss the risks and benefits of AI in the fintech space.

In an episode of InformationWeek's podcast, DOS Won't Hunt, entitled, AI and Quantum Computing: High Risks or Big Boons to Fintech? Doug Hathaway, Vice President of Engineering at Versapay joins a panel to discuss how "The risks could be further compounded if quantum-powered AI, a potential future tech tag team, gets into the wrong hands -- a nightmare scenario where current encryption protection might be at risk of becoming vulnerable."

Hathaway noted that AI can be scary, especially because Hollywood has introduced fear around the unknown, but education can eliminate fear and allow people to accept AI as a solution to key challenges.

He noted, "I have been in the trenches with developing AI for the past decade, and one benefit that I see in the the AI space is that we see lots of opportunity for increased automation. AI in this space has been around for a while, but there's a new breed of AI that's coming around, and those edges that previously were not automatable can now can now be automatable. Things that maybe weren't possible two three years ago now are possible.

One of the risks is overuse of AI; that is, trying to throw AI at problems that have a simpler solution; so a risk is trying to apply AI where it doesn't make sense.”

In this excerpt from DOS Won’t Hunt, Doug Hathaway, vice president of engineering with Versapay; Prashant Kelker, chief strategy officer and partner with ISG; and Sitaram Iyer, senior director of cloud native solutions with Venafi discuss ways AI and quantum computing could transform fintech while also considering guardrails and safeguards.

Listen to the full episode here.

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