Why Collaborative AR?

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AR transformation starts with connection

Why collaborative accounts receivable?

AR Customer disconnect CHAT

We call this the AR disconnect.

Traditional AR automation doesn't solve for your most important stakeholder—your customer.

Many companies are looking to AR automation to relieve significant pain around wasted time, underutilized talent, and delayed cash flow. 

Automation can ease some of these pains, but automation alone won't fix the significant issues that arise from the communication gap between your AR department and your customers—the AR disconnect.

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    What good are digital payments if only a fraction of your customers adopt them?

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    Are you saving as much time as you could if you still have cumbersome back and forth exchanges over phone, email, and more with customers over line item disputes?

  3. Interchange optimization

    If your customers don't want or aren't able to adopt digital payments, how do you create a great customer experience for them while also achieving your efficiency goals?

  4. Point of sale

    And perhaps most important, what would your customers say about their experience in dealing with your AR department?

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  • 81customer adoption rate
  • 50reduction in manual work
  • 30decrease in past due invoices
  • 25increase in speed of payment

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