ARC: The Customer-Centric AR Platform

Your AR cycle is a fundamental part of your customer experience - make it work for you, not against you. It's time to make your customers happy to pay you.

Multi-Channel Invoicing

Make it easy for your customers to know what they owe at any given point in time by delivering invoices, statements and supporting documents in whatever format they prefer. Empower your customers with their information and eliminate many of the common problems plaguing AR departments today.

Online Collaboration

From time to time, your customers are going to have questions or problems with their invoices - so we brought the power of social networking to AR. Collaborate in real-time and loop in the right people to help solve problems at the line-item level, so that your time-to-resolution is lightning fast.

Customer Self-Service

Give your customers a powerful, easy-to-use platform that saves them time, and they'll use it...and thank you for it! From seamless checkouts through to the ability to ask and have questions answered, our platform makes your customers' lives easier, while also reducing your team's workload.

Intelligent Collections

It's time to go beyond task management and relying on manual workflows that don't scale as your business grows. We're taking collections to the next level by automating the repetitive tasks that bog your team down, and giving your collectors powerful tools to manage customers who can't (or won't) pay.

“It’s all about unlocking our cash reserves so we can redeploy it in value-creating investments.”

John Shamanis

Chief Financial Officer, Carrier Enterprise

Integrated Payments

The flexibility of a check meets the convenience of a digital payment. Short payments, multiple payments and scheduling are now all possible with our powerful digital payments engine - all while we still enable you to support customers with an affinity for more traditional, paper-based payment methods.

Cash Application

Getting paid is critical - but so is applying and accounting for it. Our philosophy is to give customers payment flexibility, while minimizing the backend processing required for all methods they use. Our powerful algorithms and customer-assisted tools ensure yours ends up in the right place, every time.

Bank Reconciliation

While offering flexible payment methods results in faster payments, it can make reconciliation challenging. We reconcile both single and aggregate deposits automatically for over 200 banks, so that you can quickly uncover and resolve payments that are delayed or missing.

Real-Time Analytics

The days of relying on stale aging reports, scheduled exports and spreadsheets are over... we've made aging reports real-time and actionable. Get an accurate, up-to-the minute view of your AR across business divisions, units, geographies and currencies - all in perfect synchronization with your ERP.

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