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How do I upload a batch file?

  1. First, create the batch file – see “How do I create a batch file?”.
  2. To upload the file you’ve created, click on the Transactions tab, and select Upload a batch file of transactions. This option can also be found within the “Quick Links” panel on the Dashboard.
  3. Select the file you previously created and saved by clicking the Choose File button and locating the file.
  4. After selecting the file, choose the funding source that you would like to fund the transactions. The fund source selector defaults to your primary funding source, so be certain to check that this is the correct fund source for the file you’re uploading.
  5. After selecting the funding source and file, click Next: Confirm Transactions to upload the file for review.
  6. A confirmation page displays; review the content to ensure that the batch file uploaded successfully. You can also review the details of the batch before processing it.
  7. Click Process. This initiates the transactions, so you must be certain you’re ready to do so.
  8. Once the batch has been processed, it will appear in the list of files uploaded and/or processed. You can review the transactions in each batch by clicking the View link next to the batch. You can view the history of batch files uploaded and/or processed at any time by clicking the Upload Batch File link in your account. The various batch file states and their meanings are:
  • Ready to be processed: The file has been uploaded, but not processed yet – transactions in the file haven’t been initiated
  • In progress: Transactions have been initiated and are in progress – they will be processed
  • Processed: Transactions have been initiated, processed, and are now completed
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