Intelligent Collections

Collaborate with your customers for more intelligent collections

Automate your collections efforts and connect with your customers over the cloud to drive major improvements to efficiency and improve DSO.

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How automation can streamline collections

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Zero-touch collection:

Quit reactively nudging your customers by easily targeting them before they become delinquent.

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Real-time communications:

and dispute management
Chat with your customers in real-time over the cloud and manage disputes and answer questions as they arise.

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Timely notifications:

Receive notifications and other timely prompts to stay on task and focus on your collections priorities.

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Clean audit trail:

Efficient collections begins—and ends—with centralized visibility of all customer interactions. A shared, online portal ensures all interactions are tracked and up-to-date.

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Guide and prioritize collector activities:

Gain valuable, actionable insights into which customers require immediate attention and intervention, and let the software handle the rest.

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Detailed reporting and customer management:

Establish a central, single source of truth for everything related to your customer's open AR and better understand the effectiveness of your collections efforts. Consider this your CRM for accountants.

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Work smarter not harder

Traditional AR collections processes are manual, inefficient, and tedious. Provide a better customer experience and significantly reduce your workload by segmenting your customers, tailoring your communications, and automating your collections efforts.

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“The reporting within Versapay improves collections because we're identifying things earlier in the process. It also makes our life easier because now information is getting disseminated out to other folks who can help them. I think that really helps bring the whole team's knowledge to bear on collections, which then would help in lower balances, earlier collections, all the kinds of tangible things you want to see.”
Dave Buell, Chief Accounting Officer of Kite Reality | Kite
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Real-time dashboards and data for real-time decision-making

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Outstanding receivables analytics

All the billing and collections information you need at your fingertips, fully synced with your ERP. Get access to real-time views of your outstanding receivables, and quickly navigate through company, division, invoice, and line-item data. Bid adieu to stale aging reports, data exports, and spreadsheets.

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Customer behavior analytics

Get total visibility into your customer accounts. View entire account histories, drill into invoices, payments, credits, and customer interaction data to drive key insights such as late payment patterns or the effectiveness of weekly invoice notifications.

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Maximize collections efficiency and impact

Automate smaller, time-consuming tasks so your staff can do what they do best: solve customer issues and collect payments. Create an accounts receivable collections process that scales, by empowering collectors to build great customer relationships and personalize their outreach.

Collaboration is the key to faster collections

Resolve issues quickly and get paid faster. Simplify the payment experience by giving your collectors and customers tools to easily share information over the cloud and address questions, errors, omissions, or missing documentation.

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