Automating repetitive tasks will not only save time and money, but your team(s) can refocus their efforts on activities that really matter to your business including collecting cash owed to your business and maintaining relationships with the lifeblood of business, your customers.

VersaPay ARC is a secure, cloud-based accounts receivable automation platform that connects to your existing ERP infrastructure allowing you to maximize existing investments in technology and infrastructure. With technology that makes your employees and customers happy, you will quickly realize the benefits of streamlining your accounts receivable process, improved customer satisfaction and ultimately you will get paid faster.

An online platform your customers and employees will love

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Automating repetitive tasks will not only save time and money, but your team(s) can refocus their efforts on activities that really matter to your business. Say goodbye to manually matching payments to invoices, resending invoices and follow-up reminders – let VersaPay’s AR automation platform, do the work for you.

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Enhance customer communications with intelligent email

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Traditional email lacks visibility, making it difficult to know when an invoice lands in your customer’s inbox – has it actually been delivered, was it opened and actioned? VersaPay accounts receivable automation adds intelligence and insight with our tracking on email delivery and customers’ actions. VersaPay ARC presents invoices and supporting documents as email attachments, in addition to embedded links in the email body, with insight into delivery, opens, bounces, clicks and individual interactions with the invoice.

Leverage intelligent email to send person-to-person emails to track customer interactions in one place for your entire team. Clean-up your customer master data list with real-time bounce reports and the ability to request updated customer information from the portal. Emails within ARC are fully customizable allowing you to gain real-time insight for any of your communications with your customers including invoice reminders, changes to accounts, and more.

Online collaboration and dispute management for effective team and customer communications

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VersaPay ARC removes friction between your accounts receivable team and your customers with online collaboration and dispute management. Customers enjoy the convenience of real-time  collaboration with your team through email or their self-service portal to initiate invoice disputes/inquiries online. All inbound and outbound communications are tracked within ARC and real-time notifications alert your accounts receivable team of active disputes, allowing for quick and proactive resolution. You can tailor communications according to your business needs, including structured information requests with due dates and reminders, to get the data you need with less manual effort.

Private messaging within the platform between team members and across functional teams (sales, customer service, etc) allows your team to access the information they need at their fingertips to resolve disputes online with less effort and waiting.

Apply cash easily with automated cash application and reconciliation

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Cash application and reconciliation is the bane of existence for accounts receivable teams using manual processes to match payments to invoices and post cash from multiple remittance formats. Automated cash application with VersaPay ARC and partner offerings provides you with the technology and processes to intelligently aggregate remittance information from multiple formats including check, lockboxes, ACH, EFT, and credit cards.This information is seamlessly pushed back to your ERP for pain-free reconciliation. With automated cash application, you will increase the accuracy of your invoice hit rate, apply cash easily and reconcile faster.

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Offer flexible payment options to get paid faster.

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Customers want to pay the way they want. By offering flexible online payment options you can cater to their needs and get paid faster. VersaPay ARC allows you to support multiple electronic payment methods including ACH/EFT, and credit cards. ARC enables you to offer other options including autopay, recurring billing, scheduled payments and single one-time payments for occasional customers.  With PCI-Level 1 compliance and best in class security for customer and payment data, you can accept payments online – worry-free.

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