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Innovative Digital Technologies Positively Impact Every Area of Your Finance Operation

Published on 2 min read

You have the opportunity to use digital technology to protect your margins, free up your cash flow, and improve your customer experience

Disruptors such as the Amazon Effect, shifting buyer expectations, and an increase in manufacturers that sell direct-to-consumer are putting your business at risk.

According to a survey from Modern Distribution Management (MDM), growth in the wholesale distribution market is expected to moderate. In fact, 30 percent of wholesale distributors are concerned about their outlook due to uncertain economic conditions, tariff trade wars, and a slowdown in residential construction.

To thrive in today’s rapidly-changing landscape, you must use digital technology to transform your company and remain competitive.

A report from IDC found that wholesale distributors who use digital technologies – such as robotics, analytics, and cloud services – can transform their finance processes and help them achieve the following benefits:

  • Dramatically reduce your costs so that you can better protect your margins
  • Improve your cash flow management
  • Optimize your working capital
  • Boost customer profitability

IDC states, “Given the importance of cash flow, the effective management of both payables and receivables is critical, with a particular focus on chargeback management and identifying every opportunity to generate revenue. Integration with customer processes and adding value downstream with expert post-sale support are becoming increasingly standard among the most successful wholesalers.”

Armed with the right strategy and tools, you can provide customers a better experience, improve your cash flow, protect your margins, and position your company to achieve sustainable growth.

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