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Hackett + Versapay: Customer-to-Cash Process Perspective

  • 2 min read

Building more strategic relationships with buyers to drive higher retention rates and sales growth is entirely within the realm of possibility.

Download the free report and discover how by focusing on your customer you can reinvent your accounts receivable, and discover the steps you can take to reduce payment friction and enhance your customers’ experience.

In this report you'll:

  • Learn what's driving change in payments
  • Discover why becoming a system of insight matters
  • Uncover how to gain customer buy-in

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To date, most organizations have sought to improve the accounts receivable process by automating manual activities to reduce headcount.

However, this internally focused mindset fails to get at the core of many traditional pain points, which typically result from a high degree of friction in the payment process.

Simplifying the conversation between buyers and sellers using solutions that enable data transparency, real-time collaboration and diverse payment options can help accounts receivable leaders create a new digital engagement model that not only minimizes human intervention, but increases the likelihood of being paid early or on time.

These improvements also build more strategic relationships with buyers, a driver of higher retention rates and sales growth.

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