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Scalable Accounts Receivable: A Strategic Approach

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Accounts receivable fuels your business, pumping cash through the organization to cover expenses and drive growth. But AR departments are often running on fumes, sidelined by outdated processes that can’t keep pace with increasing payment complexity.

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Scalable Accounts Receivable: A Strategic Approach Report Cover


The way businesses make and receive payments is changing. Economic and supply chain challenges, distributed workforces, and a shift to everything online have all impacted where, when, and how business payments happen.

Accounts receivable, credit, and collections processes are critical to getting cash in the door and putting it to work for innovation and growth.

In a January 2022 survey to members of the Credit Research Foundation, 60% of respondents indicated that they are facing staffing challenges of some kind, and 53% said their team could better leverage technology to optimize credit, collection, staff productivity, and departmental performance KPIs.

In our new ebook, Scalable Accounts Receivable: A Strategic Approach, you’ll get actionable insights and tips from your peers and industry experts and learn:

  • What’s driving the future of payments and how to be ready
  • How your AR team can better support business growth and change
  • How to improve AR team job satisfaction and customer experiences

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